10 Anime Similar to Tomodachi Game, Full of Suspense!

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!

Tomodachi Games is anime shounen theme psychology, high stakes games, And strategy games. This is a series by Studio Okuruto Noboru which adapts a manga with the same title by Mikoto Yamaguchi and Yuuki Satou as the illustrator.

Airing from April to June 2022, Tomodachi Games tells the story of 5 friends consisting of Yuuichi Katagiri, Tenji Mikasa, Shiho Sawaragi, Makoto Shibe, and Yutori Kokorogi. Until one day, the money collected for a class picnic is stolen, and the figures suspected of being the perpetrators are Shiho and Makoto.

The problem becomes more complicated when the five of them are trapped and forced to take part in a “Friendship Game”. It is said that one of them caused this situation because he had to pay off a huge debt. Games This psychology will test how strong their friendship is.

With the theme being carried, it’s not surprising Tomodachi Games immediately achieved great popularity. Many viewers enjoy the stories full of tension that anime presents psychology This.

So, especially for those of you who are fans, here are several recommendations for similar anime Tomodachi Games that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Classroom of the Elite

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Studio Lerche/ Classroom of the Elite

The first recommendation comes from the anime presented by Studio Lerche which was adapted from light novels, that is Classroom of the Elite.

The setting is an elite school called Koudo Ikusei High School. The school, which is fully funded by the state, is known for cultivating quality future candidates.

However, the system implemented by the academy is very strict. As a result, each student will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to get rid of each other.

The central character in this series is Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a student in class 1-D who deliberately hides his genius by moving other students around him.

2. Danganronpa: The Animation

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Spike Chunsoft

Next, we recommend watching anime Danganronpa: The Animation which both carry a theme high stakes games like Tomodachi Games.

This anime centers on a group of students who are trapped in a school building and forced to play absurd games if they don’t want to stay there forever.

The story begins after Makoto Naegi, who has no special talents, is accepted into Hope’s Peak Private Academy, an elite school that gathers the best students in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, what happened was unexpected. Naegi and 14 other students are instead dragged into a game that requires them to kill other students. The rule is that every time a murder occurs, a trial will be held to investigate who the perpetrator is. If the truth is revealed, the perpetrator will be punished in a cruel way.

3. Death Parade

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!amazon.com

Then, there is an anime by Studio Madhouse which includes supernatural elements. Through anime Death Parade, You will be introduced to the main character, a bartender named Decim.

However, where Decim works is not a bar in general. It is a resting place for the souls of the dead. There, Decim will choose a game that the person must participate in, where the outcome will determine their fate after death.

People who have died tend to show their hidden sides, because the game that Decim provides is games which can mess up the players’ psychology.

4. No Game No Life

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Madhouse/ No Game No Life

No Game No Life it will be familiar to anime fans isekai. Well, the two protagonists in this series, namely brothers Sora and Shiro, are quite capable of representing Yuuichi’s character in the anime. Tomodachi Games.

No Game No Life telling a figure “Kuhaku” which is very popular among gamers. Their real identities are Sora and Shiro, pro gamer who is known to never be defeated. They were so bored because they couldn’t find any competitors, both of them considered the world to be a lousy game.

One day, Sora and Shiro are mysteriously teleported to an alternative world by the figure of God Tet. That is a dream world for them, because there, all decisions have to be made through games.

5. Death Note

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Madhouse/Death Note

Similar anime Tomodachi Games next is Death Note, which is certainly very suitable in terms of psychology which is offered.

This anime by Studio Madhouse introduces a genius character named Light Yagami, a student who is obsessed with eliminating crime on earth. His dream slowly comes true after he finds Shinigami Ryuk’s book of death.

Light begins to kill criminals indiscriminately, raising suspicion from the authorities. Finally, a prominent detective known by the pseudonym L Lawliet was sent.

The mental battle between Light and L in this anime is guaranteed to make the audience think hard!

6. Kakegurui

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Netflix/ Kakegurui

Can you imagine what would happen if a school became a hot betting arena? This is what is presented in the anime Kakegurui.

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a strange school that applies an unreasonable curriculum, because academic ability means nothing. There, as long as you have money and gambling skills, then you will be safe. In fact, those at the bottom are only considered “pets”.

However, everything started to change after the arrival of a new student named Yumeko Jabami. He easily takes down the rich students and soon becomes a huge threat to the student council.

7. Higurashi

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Passione/ Higurashi: When They Cry – SOTSU

If you are a fan of psychological anime like Tomodachi Games with elements horror-thriller, you can watch the series Higurashi which has been recognized as the best in the ranks of similar anime.

Past Higurashi, fans are invited to witness a series of sadistic tragedies that occurred in Hinamizawa Village, a village known for its long-awaited festival celebrations.

8. The Future Diary

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. asread./ Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki or The Future Diary also presents scenes full of tension through a story about a game of life and death, where life is at stake.

Yukiteru Amano is a loner who usually writes a diary on his cell phone. Unfortunately, his peaceful life begins to change drastically after his imaginary friend, Deus Ex Machina, drags Yuki to take part in a death game with 11 other participants.

The twelve participants must be able to survive for the next 90 days. However, there will only be 1 winner at the end, which means they will have to kill each other.

9. Darwin’s Game

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!dock. Nexus/Darwin’s Game

Another recommendation that you must watch is Darwin’s Game.

Darwin’s Game is a mystery series presented by Studio Nexus whose story focuses on the character Kaname Sudou. He is mysteriously invited to take part in a cellphone game called Darwin’s Game.

Strangely, once Kaname plays, he certainly won’t be able to just get away from this strange game.

10. Deadman Wonderland

10 Anime Similar To Tomodachi Game, Full Of Suspense!Deadman Wonderland (Manglobe/ Deadman Wonderland)

Lastly, there is anime Deadman Wonderland which refers to a prison-like place that forces all the prisoners placed there to fight each other like gladiators.

The central character is Ganta Igarashi, a person who is suddenly accused of being guilty and locked up there. Can Ganta survive in this prison of death?

These are a number of recommendations for similar anime Tomodachi Games that you shouldn’t miss. Have any other suggestions? Write in the comments column, come on!

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