10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters in One Punch Man

10 Petarung Tangan Kosong Terbaik Di One Punch Man

One Punch Man included in the list of manga and anime series seinen most popular this century. Series action themed super power This is the work of manga artist ONE with Yusuke Murata which was first introduced in 2012.

The story is set in a world guarded by people with superpowers aka Hero who works under the auspices of the Heroes Association. The central character is Saitama, a bald-headed man who has unmatched physical strength.

With the theme raised, it is clear One Punch Man has introduced many characters with varying levels and types of powers. Some of them are superpower users, and the most interesting ones are hand-to-hand combatants.

Including Saitama, here are the names of the best fighters in One Punch Man what you need to know.

The following article contains spoilers for some fans One Punch Man which doesn’t follow the manga version. Please be wise, OK!

10. Sneck

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. Madhouse/One Punch Man

In 10th place, there is Sneck who is pro Hero Rank A from the Heroes Association. He was the martial artist assigned to watch over City F.

With the fact that Sneck occupies a position as a high ranking hero, it is certain that he is a talented fighter.

Sneck’s most famous martial arts style is Biting Snake Fist. When using this technique, his hands will move like imitating a snake. He will use Biting Snake Fist to attack Saitama, but was immediately thwarted before he could launch his attack.

However, Sneck ended up getting plenty of opportunities to show off his abilities during the tournament Super Fight.

9. Suiko

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Manonepunchman.fandom.com

Suiko is introduced as Suiryu’s younger sister. He is a user of the same technique as his older brother, namely Void Fist. Suiko herself has not appeared in the anime version One Punch Man Season 1 And Season 2.

As Suicho’s granddaughter and student, Suiko’s fighting skills can be said to be on par with Suiryu. However, he admitted that he was far superior to his older brother. He is also shown to be more serious and disciplined in his training than Suiryu.

8. Suiryu

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. JCStaff/ One Punch Man

Suiryu is the defending champion in the tournament Super Fight. He is recorded as having won this prestigious event 5 times. This martial arts expert is also said to be one of the most respected and legendary in the world.

Suiryu’s power level is considered worthy of being comparable to an S Rank Hero. Moreover, he is proven to be able to fight against A Rank Hero and beat him easily.

His mainstay move is Void Fist. This technique is quite dangerous because the focus is on maximizing the level of damage produced through the attack. Evidently, Suiryu was able to throw Saitama high using this technique.

7. Bomb

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. JCStaff/ One Punch Man

Next, there is Bomb, the martial arts expert who is Bang’s older brother. He and his younger brother have been recognized as two of the most skilled masters in the world of martial arts.

As a talented hand-to-hand fighter, Bomb’s strength is even considered to be on par with Para S Rank Hero Yusuke Murata himself believes that Bomb’s strength could be superior to Bang’s. Unfortunately, he has passed his glory days, considering that he is no longer young.

Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist is a signature technique that Bomb has developed himself. As the name suggests, this move allows the user to create attacks through air manipulation.

6. Bakuzan

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. JCStaff/ One Punch Man

The best fighter in One Punch Man next is Bakuzan. He is introduced as one of the strongest competitors in the Tournament Super Fight. Unfortunately, Bakuzan was lulled by his own lust, then decided to become stronger by eating monster cells and becoming part of the Monster Association.

After transforming into Mysterious Being, Bakuzan has become much more dangerous. Gouketsu even rated it as equivalent to threat level Dragon.

As a fighter who managed to win 2 tournaments Super Fight, Bakuzan’s abilities are indeed worthy of appreciation. The typical technique is Dark Hell Assassination Art who focuses on delivering fatal attacks to his opponent.

In the end, Bakuzan was still defeated by Saitama.

5. Gouketsu

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. JCStaff/ One Punch Man

Above Bakuzan, there is Gouketsu who is an executive member Monster Association. Its fighting prowess makes this monster classified as a Dragon level threat.

Even though Saitama was able to handle Gouketsu easily, this monster still deserves to be recognized as a strong warrior. The proof is, he can beat Genos, who is a Rank S Hero, and 2 A Rank Hero Sneck and Lightning Max. That way, it could be said that Gouketsu is superior to Bakuzan.

4. Orochi

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Manonepunchman.fandom.com

Next, there is Lord Orochi, the leader of the Monster Association. He is Mysterious Being with a Dragon level threat level that proves to be very threatening.

As a figure who sits at the top of the Monster Association, Lord Orochi proves to be much more dangerous than level monsters Dragon other. Gouketsu himself stated that Orochi was the strongest monster on Earth.

As a monster, Lord Orochi is empowered with various terrifying abilities. He is able to metamorphose at will, even creating monster cells that turn a person into a terrible creature.

It doesn’t stop there, Orochi is classified as a genius fighter who is able to imitate other people’s powerful techniques, as he did with his own technique. Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist Garou’s. With his immense innate strength, Orochi clearly became even more dangerous.

3. Bang the Silver Fang

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. Madhouse/One Punch Man

Bang is an ex S Rank Hero ranked 3rd in the Monster Association. This figure, also known by the nickname Silver Fang, decided to retire after an incident involving the Monster Association.

In terms of strength, the martial arts master Bang’s expertise is unquestionable. The mainstay technique that he managed to develop over the years was then passed down to Garou, namely Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, proved to be very dangerous.

Before that, Bang also had his main martial arts move named after him Exploding Heart Release Fist. This technique focuses its attack power on offensive and destructive power. Bang abandoned this move after his defeat against Bomb in order to develop a much more precise technique.

Despite his old age, Bang remains one of the fighters his enemies anticipate.

2. Garou

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch Mandock. JCStaff/ One Punch Man

The Hero Hunter, Garou, becomes one of the fearsome existences that appears throughout the series. He is not a monster, but an ordinary human with extraordinary martial arts skills.

Garou is a former student of Silver Fang aka Bang, a martial arts master who once ranked third in the ranks S Rank Hero at the Heroes Association.

As his nickname suggests, Garou goes around looking for heroes to defeat. He is Saitama’s strongest enemy and is very dangerous, especially because of his ability to continue to grow every time he is cornered during battle.

Garou managed to reach his highest mode, namely Cosmic Fear Garou. This mode even managed to overwhelm Blast.

1. Saitama

10 Best Hand-To-Hand Fighters In One Punch ManSaitama One Punch Man. (Doc. Madhouse/One Punch Man)

The strongest fighting character in the world OPM Until now it is still held by Saitama. This bald guy is just an ordinary human who has gained tremendous physical strength like a superhuman thanks to the hard training he undergoes regularly.

Saitama as the main protagonist of the series plunges into the world of heroes in order to find an opponent who can make him fight seriously. This means that he hopes to be able to fight optimally, because previously Saitama always managed to defeat his enemies with just one blow.

Saitama himself doesn’t actually master any martial arts techniques. He even went straight to the tournament Super Fight in order to find his own technique, but in the end it didn’t produce anything. Even so, he is shown to have physical strength that surpasses many other tough characters.

Saitama’s true strength is not known to many people, and this is what makes the plot One Punch Man so interesting to watch.

Those are some of the best fighters in One Punch Man what you should know. Who is your version of the strongest hand-to-hand fighter? Write in the comments column, OK!

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