10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full of Terror!

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!

Zombies are a topic that is often discussed as part of the horror genre, be it in films, anime or manga. Zombies are human-eating undead who never feel full. Whoever gets bitten will turn into one of them.

There are lots of manga that cover this theme which are then made into anime. However, of course it won’t be as detailed as in the manga, especially in the story plot. So, here are some recommendations for the best zombie manga that will make readers shudder.

1. School-Live!

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Manga Time Kirara Forward/School-Live!

School-Live! focuses on the story of a group of people trapped in a school due to a zombie attack. Initially, Yuki Takeya enjoyed his high school life and joined the School Living club. However, his happiness did not last long.

Suddenly a group of zombies came to their school. As members of a club whose goal is to solve various problems, Yuki and his club friends are at the forefront of attacking zombies so that the survivors at the school can survive.

2. I Am a Hero

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Shogakukan/I Am a Hero

I Am a Hero is a horror manga by Kengo Hanazawa that follows the story of a 35 year old man named Hideo Suzuki who becomes a hero in attacking zombies. Previously he was a failed manga artist whose work failed to achieve sales targets. Even his girlfriend was unfaithful to him.

As he struggles through his miserable life, the world suddenly changes. At first he didn’t pay much attention, but he soon realized that everyone had now turned into terrible creatures. Not having much else to do, he fought the zombies without fear and for the first time he became the main character in his own life.

3. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Sunday Gene-x/Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Manga Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead centers on the story of Akira Tendou who survives in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Thanks to a zombie attack, he no longer has to work for the company that has exploited him for three years. That was one of the things he was grateful for. Knowing that his home is now filled with mindless creatures, Akira decides to do the “100 things he most wants to do” before turning into a zombie.

4. Fort of Apocalypse

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Shounen Rival/Fort of Apocalypse

Convicted of being framed for murder, Yoshiaki Maeda is detained at the Shouran juvenile detention center. Even though he had insisted on denying it and found the location of the murder, no one believed him. Finally he was trapped in a cell with Yoshioka, Iwakura, and Yamanoi.

Not getting there, Maeda still had to witness the power struggle that was taking place there. When Maeda gets into trouble, he is punished for helping a crashed truck. However, instead he witnessed a man eating one of the guards. The zombie outbreak began to spread rapidly there and the prison situation became very chaotic.

Almost everyone is infected with the virus, including Maeda. Uniquely, he even has the ability to control zombies. With the power he has, will Maeda be able to get through this never-ending hell?

5. Biomega

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Ultra Jump/ Biomega

Biomega become a manga cyberpunk which discusses zombies. Set in the future, the manga focuses on Zouichi Kano and his AI friend Fuyu Kanoe. When the world is attacked by a deadly virus, they are sent by Toha Heavy Industries to hunt down humans who are immune to the infection. Once collected, the invulnerable humans will be transformed into “drones”, deformed zombie-like creatures.

6. Corpse Princess

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Shounen Gangan/ Corpse Princess

Story Corpse Princess begins when a group of students dare to enter an abandoned building because it is engulfed in fire. They heard rumors that the building was haunted. However, they ignored the rumors. When the undead started appearing and chasing them, they ran away.

Turns out, the undead are zombies! Luckily there is Shikabane Hime, a woman whose mission is to kill 108 zombies, according to her agreement with a monk named Keisei. If the mission is completed, Shikabane is promised to go to heaven.

7. Reiko The Zombie

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Horror M/ Reiko The Zombie

A terrible terror has entered the remote town of Shiraike. There, a serial killer appeared who had killed 29 women for no reason. Haunted by the figure for a long time, the town suddenly arrives with someone who can raise the dead.

She is Reiko The Zombie Shop, a fortune teller. Residents began to hire his services to find out the cause of death of people they wanted to resurrect. Before that, Reiko had warned that the awakened dead would not behave as expected, they would act like zombies.

8. Magical Girl Apocalypse

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Bessatsu Shounen Champion/ Magical Girl Apocalypse

The next best zombie manga is Magical Girl Apocalypse. It tells the story of Kogami Kii who is caught in a zombie outbreak at school. Initially, he saw a little girl hit a teacher and make her head explode through her school window. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

Honey, it wasn’t a dream. The girl also slaughtered her friends and said “magic” when carrying out the heinous act. Not long after, those who had died rose to become zombies while shouting the word “magic”. Kii and Tsukune must survive the monster attacks and find out what is really going on.

9. Tokyo Zombies

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. AX/Tokyo Zombie

Presenting the horror comedy genre, Tokyo Zombies is a story about two lazy employees named Fujio and Mitsuo who face zombies after killing the monster boss and dumping him in a toxic waste dump. They did not expect that their actions would be the starting point of their second adventure.

Now, both of them must use their meager skills to survive. Even though later Fujio and Mitsuo had to separate for some reason, they would reunite several years later.

10. Hour of the Zombies

10 Best Zombie Manga, Horror Genre Full Of Terror!dock. Comic Ryu/ Hour of the Zombie

Manga Hour of the Zombies Tsukasa Saimura’s work begins with Akira experiencing unrequited love with his childhood friend, Kurumi. The woman likes Umezawa who is also Akira’s friend. Even though there is a love triangle, they must still maintain the friendship that has existed.

When they were supposed to be living an exciting school life, suddenly several students attacked other people and turned into man-eaters, including Kurumi and Umezawa. When Kurumi attacks Akira and prepares to bite him, Akira realizes his desire to stay alive and looks for a way to cut down the monsters.

Those are some recommendations for the best zombie manga that you can read. If you have suggestions for other titles, write them in the comments column, OK!

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