10 Dangerous Raids in Solo Leveling, Life is at Risk!

10 Raid Berbahaya Di Solo Leveling, Taruhannya Nyawa!

Serial Solo Leveling Chugong’s work has presented a thrilling action story where the story centers on a human with special abilities called Hunter in the fight against monsters aka magic beasts dangerous coming from the mysterious portal we know as Gate.

This gate connects the human world with dungeons which is the place for the magic beasts stay. To prevent them from crossing over and disrupting the human world, para Hunter must defeat the monsters that reside there, which is where this hunt is referred to as “Raid”.

As well as Hunter which are classified into ranks E to S based on their strength, Gate also grouped in such a way to make it easier for the association to send party appropriate.

Throughout the series, Sung Jinwoo as the main protagonist of the story has been faced with various dangerous missions in dungeons. Here’s the row Raid dangerous in Solo Leveling who succeeded in claiming the victim.

10. Instant Dungeon

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!dock. A-1 Pictures/ Solo Leveling

In tenth place, there is Instant Dungeon, ie Raid The first thing Jinwoo had to conquer after he was officially resurrected player from a system that requires it to run a number of quests in exchange for a level increase.

Instant Dungeon is classified as Gate Rank E, so it sounded easy for Jinwoo, who felt that at that time he had experienced quite rapid development. However, who would have thought that dungeons This still made Jinwoo overwhelmed.

It only made sense, because it was Jinwoo’s first time attacking dungeons alone. He needs to adapt in direct combat. Luckily, in the end Jinwoo succeeded in completing his mission there and defeated the boss Gate which is quite tough.

9. Dongsuk Strike Squad

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!dock. A-1 Pictures/ Solo Leveling

Jinwoo accepted the invitation of a Rank C Hunter named Hwang Dongsuk to complete the lack of internal members party-his. Not alone, Jinwoo came together at that time Hunter Another person Dongsuk invited was Yo Jinho.

From the start, Dongsuk’s motives and… party-it does look strange. They invited along Jinwoo and Jinho who were ranked below them and gave them tasks limited to carrying goods or collecting items.

Until finally they arrived at the boss’s territory, the evil intentions of Dongsuk and his colleagues were revealed, who deliberately killed Jinwoo and Jinho. Luckily, Jinwoo was able to overcome the boss in dungeons the.

It doesn’t stop there, Dongsuk and party-who realized that Jinwoo and Jinho had managed to survive decided to kill both of them. Just then, it appeared quests new who ordered Jinwoo to kill party Dongsuk. With the urgent situation, Jinwoo completed the mission well.

8. Kang Taeshik’s Prisoners

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!Kang Taeshik started using the Stealth skill (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Jinwoo got the opportunity to reunite with several of his colleagues who managed to get out safely from Double Dungeon which has claimed many lives. In Raid That, a group of prisoners joined them, together Hunter Rank B, Kang Taeshik, who is the supervisor.

Unexpectedly, Taeshik had other intentions towards the prisoners, where he accepted the job of ending their lives. Even worse, members party Others who shouldn’t have been involved were also targeted by Taeshik who didn’t want his actions to be revealed.

Before Taeshik managed to level everything Hunter who participated, Jinwoo immediately took action and defeated him.

7. Hunters Guild Gate Raid

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!Jin-Woo against Kargalgan (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Dungeons Another dangerous thing that Jinwoo has explored is the Hunters Guild Gate, which is a rank A gate. At that time, Jinwoo participated in the second expedition with the Hunter Guild while waiting for the results of his ranking test.

It is deeply regretted, Raid routine that is usually carried out by guilds Korea’s biggest massacre ended in a massive massacre, where the big enemy had to Hunter facing is a clan of High Orcs.

Boss of Gate This is Kargalgan, a dangerous wizard who Jinwoo has fought all this time. After much effort, Jinwoo was finally able to force Kargalgan to his knees. It becomes Gate The first Rank A that Jinwoo managed to conquer alone.

6. Demon Castle

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!dock. A-1 Pictures/ Solo Leveling

Jinwoo received upper access dungeons specifically known as Demon Castle. There is items what Jinwoo really wanted seemed to be related to his mother’s recovery.

When he first entered, Jinwoo was immediately faced with a terrifying monster called Cerberus. He is Rank A magic beast who is the boss of the 1st floor in the castle.

Even though Jinwoo was able to defeat Cerberus, he soon realized that his current strength was not worth anything. It took him several tries before he was finally able to conquer the 100-story castle and the terrible bosses who guarded it, from Vulcan, Metus, to Baran.

5. Job Change Quest

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!solo-leveling.fandom.com

When he reached level 40, Sung Jinwoo received a new mission called Job Change Quest. At that time, the System created dungeons specifically named Job Change Quest Dungeon.

When entering dungeons, Jinwoo thought that he was able to finish Raid quickly, even confidently determine targets in a short time.

In fact, Jinwoo’s calculations were completely wrong. He was faced with various magic beasts type Knight, including Magicians, Archers, And Assassins. Jinwoo managed to finish Raid although it depends on luck.

4. Cartenon Temple

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!Architect (solo-leveling.fandom.com)

On manhwa chapters 123, Jinwoo was brought back to Cartenon Temple. Moment The Architect appeared, Jinwoo swiftly summoned troops Shadow-but it doesn’t seem to have a big impact.

Raid This time he dragged Jinwoo again into a dangerous gamble, where he was almost killed again because of it Architect. In fact, Jinwoo’s condition at that time had improved a lot compared to the first time they met Architect.

3. Red Gate

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!solo-leveling.fandom.com

Red Gate is a special gate whose door will close completely as soon as humans pass through it. As a result, people who have already entered will be trapped inside, while those outside will not be able to enter easily.

Gate which is at least B rated is the boss’s hideout Gate known as Baruka sang Ice Elves.

Initially, Jinwoo intended to show his sister’s friend Songyi how dangerous it was to be a person Hunter. However, who would have thought that the gate that was considered normal would actually turn out to be Red Gate which succeeded in claiming the lives of a group Hunter.

2. Jeju Island Raid

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!solo-leveling.fandom.com

As Gate Rank S, no wonder if Jeju Island Raid ranked as one of the most dangerous raids. Especially, Gate It has a track record that is indeed scary, where it happens dungeon break which claimed thousands of lives due to its weakness S Rank Hunter Korea at that time.

When magic beasts the type of ants that live there begins to evolve, so there is no other choice but to conquer Gate the. So dangerous, Raid it succeeded in reaping many benefits S Rank Hunter, including the strongest in Korea, namely Goto Ryuji.

Jinwoo immediately took an important role in defeating Ant King as the boss Gate.

1. Double Dungeon

10 Dangerous Raids In Solo Leveling, Life Is At Risk!The statue of the god smiles at the hunter who prays to him (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

So far, Double Dungeon which has appeared since the first episode of the series Solo Leveling still be Raid riskiest ever featured.

Begins from Raid low ranking, Jinwoo and party-Her breasts were trapped inside Rank S dungeon. Not many made it out alive at that time, even Jinwoo should have died from the fatal attack he suffered.

If not for being selected as ‘player’, Jinwoo was confirmed to have died from the start of the story.

However, this incident succeeded in being the first step for Jinwoo to restart his journey as a person Hunter, while taking advantage of the special system applied to it.

That’s the row Raid dangerous in Solo Leveling that Jinwoo had ever faced. What Raid Your riskiest version?

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