10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!

10 Manhwa Romance Ter-Dark, Anti Mainstream!

Manhwa is a type of illustrated story or comic from South Korea. Its popularity is now comparable to manga, comics from Japan or manhua, comics from China. Apart from the visual aspect of each character which is pleasing to the eye, the plot of the story presented cannot be ignored, especially the themed stories dark romance.

Usually, comics with romantic stories feel monotonous and repeat stories that are similar to each other. Hence, the story dark romance is now more popular with readers. The cliche storyline is spiced up with dark and mysterious characters, not forgetting the romance story of the main character.

Find manhwa comics with concepts dark romance the good ones are a bit difficult. Therefore, this article will recommend manhwa romance ter-dark that you should read. Come on, take a look!

1. How to Win My Husband Over

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. KakaoPage/ How To Win My Husband Over

How To Win My Husband Over is a manhwa by Nyangi-wa Hyangsinyo which tells the story of Rudbeckia de Borgia or Ruby, a daughter of the famous Borgia family. Ruby thought that after having an accident, she would die. However, he ended up trapped in a family who only used him to achieve their ambitions.

Becoming a princess is her second life after previously being an orphan who was adopted by a rich family from Spain. Now, she has to live her life as a princess who is betrothed to Iske van Omerta, a man who is known to be very cruel and cold. So, how does Ruby plan to win her husband’s heart?

2. Trapped

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Naver Webtoon/ Trapped

Trapped is the story of a female driver named Chae Ah. He meets Park Yunsu who turns out to be a vampire. When Yunsu threatens about the murder incident that Chae Ah never committed, the woman looks for various ways to escape until she finally finds out something about the bloodthirsty man.

With Yunsu’s life under Chae Ah’s control, they begin a game of cat and mouse between life and death. However, both of them fall into each other’s trap and find it difficult to extricate each other.

3. Unholy Blood

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Naver Webtoon/Unholy Blood

Different from other manhwa with the theme of reincarnation, Unholy Blood tells the story of an orphan named Park Hayan who lives surrounded by vampires. The world, which was initially peaceful and serene, suddenly saw the arrival of vampires due to an incident ten years ago. It is difficult to differentiate between them and ordinary humans.

After experiencing a tragic accident that made him the target of the “Angel of Death”, an organization led by the strongest vampire, Hayan is determined to eradicate all vampires in the world with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police who also has the same determination.

4. The Broke Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. KakaoPage/ The Broke Ring

The Broken Ring follows the story of the reincarnation of a noble princess named Ines Valeztena de Perez. In his new life, he is determined to live a quiet life. In order for his plan to run smoothly, he needs Carcel Escalante, the noble man he chose. Unfortunately, Carcel is not ready to get married.

In fact, Ines doesn’t care about marriage and hopes her marriage fails. For him, all men are the same. Therefore, he allowed Carcel to meet other women as he pleased. However, Carcel is determined to convince Ines that he is not that kind of man and will prove that he can be the husband she has always wanted.

5. Dreaming Freedom

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Naver Webtoon/ Dreaming Freedom

Dreaming Freedom is a manhwa that tells the story of Jeongmin, a woman who has bad luck in family matters and school life. He was always bullied by a popular student named Juhyeon, and that made his friends join in.bully himself. As a result, he didn’t have a single friend at school.

To overcome this, Jongmin did something lucid dreams. It was the only way for him to escape problems in the real world. However, one day a mysterious man named Siyun appeared in her dream and offered to help Juhyeon take revenge. Will Jeongmin accept the offer?

6. My Reason to Die

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Naver Webtoon/ My Reason to Die

My Reason to Die tells the story of Nam Ji Oh, a high school student who joins the taekwondo club. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious injury before an important match, namely to compete for a ticket to the national team.

One day, he met Gyeol, a boy who managed to attract his attention. Despite his piercings and naughty looks, Gyeol is a good person. That’s what makes Ji Oh like him. However, there are big risks that the woman must face. Will he be able to face it?

7. Finding Camellia

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Webtoon/ Finding Camellia

Finding Camellia becomes a manhwa with a sad story experienced by Camellia. As a child, Camellia was taken from her mother’s arms and handed over to a cruel nobleman. He was forced to become Camelius Bale, the second son of the Bale family.

Her beautiful hair was cut and for years Camellia lived as someone else. Not only that, he also has to protect his older brother’s position so that it remains safe. He had no choice but to obey his stepmother’s orders.

One day, he met Claude del Ihar, the main heir of the Ihar family. Her meeting with this man made her hope that she could get back her life as a Camellia that had been taken away since she was little.

8. Only Hope

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Naver Webtoon/ Only Hope

Genre time travell, story Only Hope centers on the story of Ju Eunhye who lives without love from her parents. She also married the man she loved in her life and hoped to live happily ever after with her husband. However, Eunhye actually discovered a terrible fact about her husband.

One night, she witnessed her husband being involved in a murder. At the same time, he was killed and she returned to the day she first met her husband. By returning to the past, will she be able to stop the murders in the future and be able to love the man again as before?

9. The Villainess Tames the Beast

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. KakaoPage/ The Villainess Tames the Beast

The Villainess Tames the Beast tells the story of a reader who suddenly awakens as Ilyana Glayne, a cruel woman who trains Magnus to be her obedient pet. He uses various methods to achieve his desires, even with magic, drugs, and even psychological games. However, when Magnus escaped from Ilyana’s trap, he actually attacked his master as revenge for his suffering so far.

The reader tries hard to return to his previous life and let go of Magnus to live freely. Unfortunately, Magnus keeps coming back to him. Finally he gave up on Magnus, failing to control the animal to be free from his orders.

10. The Dilettante

10 Darkest Romance Manhwa, Anti-Mainstream!dock. Manta Comics/ The Dilettante

Manhwa The Dilettante follows the story of Lee Hana, a special forces agent who has a high rank and is an expert in trade. After the unnatural death of his twin brother, Lee Duyi, he plans to reveal the truth.

In the midst of her investigation, Hana met a cold-blooded mafia boss named Giulio Parenti. This manhwa discusses various mafia syndicates, organized crime, and the story of the two of them which makes readers feel tense.

Those are some recommendations for the best romance manhwa.dark with interesting stories that you can read in your free time. Hope it is useful!

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