11 Best Battles in Solo Leveling! Number 1 is really awesome

11 Pertarungan Terbaik Di Solo Leveling! Nomor 1 Dahsyat Banget

Solo Leveling presents many epic battles between hunters and monsters. One of the most epic was of course when Jin-Woo had to fight his own archenemy, Monarch.

I wonder what the best fights are Solo Leveling? Here’s the list!

11. Sung Jin-Woo vs Kasaka

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeKasaka pins Sung Jin-Woo (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

On his way to becoming a stronger hunter, Jin-Woo, who at that time was still in his lowest condition, had to fight alone to complete every test given by the system.

One of the first enemies Jin-Woo must defeat is Kasaka, a giant snake who becomes an instant dungeon boss provided by the system.

Here, Jin-Woo has to fight tooth and nail even though the comparison between their strengths feels so wide. He even uses his own physical strength when his weapon can no longer be used.

10. Sung Jin-Woo vs Cerberus

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo realized that his attack had no effect on Cerberus (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Just like Kasaka, Cerberus is one of the enemies who provides fierce resistance to Jin-Woo.

The hunter was in trouble because none of his attacks managed to penetrate the skin of the three-headed monster.

On the other hand, all of Cerberus’ attacks felt capable of killing Jin-Woo at any time because of the crazy status effect caused by the Rage skill.

Fortunately, this skill has a time limit so Jin-Woo has the opportunity to attack in mode berserk Cerberus ends.

9. Sung Jin-Woo vs Kang Taeshik

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo and Kang Taeshik compete with their assassin skills (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

This duel could be said to be the moment Jin-Woo had to fight another hunter whose strength was almost the same.

At that time, he and the Double Dungeon survivors were taking part in a raid with the prisoners. However, everything turned into a disaster when it was revealed that Kang Taeshik had killed the prisoner he was supposed to be supervising.

Like it or not, Jin-Woo had to fight the B-rank hunter. They themselves fought fiercely because their statistical abilities were almost equal.

Plus, Jin-Woo had difficulty paralyzing his opponent because Kang Taeshik was tough enough to withstand the paralyzing effect of Kasaka’s dagger.

The fight ended with Jin-Woo releasing his Murderous Intent skill which succeeded in making Kang Taeshik unable to move until he was stabbed in the chest by the young man’s poisonous dagger.

8. Sung Jin-Woo vs Baruka

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo against Baruka (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

This battle could be said to be a moment to test Sung Jin-Woo’s necromancy abilities.

Just imagine, Baruka was able to handle Igris’ attacks easily and kick Jin-Woo back when attacked. Not to mention that his movements are so fast that the hunter has difficulty attacking his enemy’s vital points.

What’s worse, Baruka also has the Stealth skill which makes him like a monster version of Kang Taeshik.

Jin-Woo himself managed to defeat him thanks to the Iron he had just resurrected from Kim-Chul’s body.

7. Sung Jin-Woo vs Blood Red Commander Igris

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo vs Igris (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

This epic moment occurred when Jin-Woo underwent a job change quest.

Jin-Woo had difficulty because he really lost to the monster in various aspects. His increased strength was deemed insufficient to match Igris.

Not to mention, all the weapons that the hunter had were unable to penetrate the defense of the knight’s red armor.

Jin-Woo also had to be able to avoid every swing of Igris’ sword which could end him at any time.

The young man was only able to defeat Igris after he stabbed the gap in the monster’s helmet repeatedly until the creature died.

6. Sung Jin-Woo vs Thomas Andre

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo succeeded in overthrowing Thomas (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Rather than a fight, this duel seemed like a one-sided massacre.

After saving Jinho who was injured due to the actions of Hwang Dongsoo’s gang, Jin-Woo had to face Thomas and the Scavenger guild alone.

But this time, Jin-Woo dared to serve him because he had been strengthened by the Black Heart given by Ashborn.

And sure enough, a fight between two hunters with the strength of Ruler and Monarch broke out. Thomas himself managed to keep up with him thanks to his relatively high defense and telekinetic abilities.

Unfortunately, Thomas had to admit defeat after his proud Reinforcement armor was broken by Jin-Woo with just a series of punches.

5. Sung Jin-Woo vs Kargalgan

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo against Kargalgan (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

This duel was an epic moment where Jin-Woo showed his strength in front of the greatest guild in Korea, Hunters.

At that time, the attack group led by Son Kihoon was almost finished because of the actions of Kargalgan who wanted to make the hunter team into entertainment for his troops. However, the situation began to turn around when Jin-Woo decided to intervene.

Kargalgan himself tried to attack Jin-Woo with his various debuff attacks. But unfortunately, the hunter’s passive skill immediately neutralized the effect of the High Orc’s magic.

Without losing his wits, he immediately used his full strength by turning into a giant. However, this actually benefited Jin-Woo because it made the monster an easy target for his fists.

Kargalgan himself was killed by Jin-Woo’s shadow army which was raised from the High Orc wizard’s bodyguards.

4. Sung Jin-Woo vs Baran

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo sword fights with Baran (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

The incident itself occurred on Jin-Woo’s journey to collect Holy Water of Life materials for the sake of healing his mother.

So, to get the last component of the medicine, Jin-Woo has to fight Baran, the demon king who apparently used to be the Monarch of White Flames.

The fight between the two was said to be very fierce because they were both fighters armed with daggers and also had their own troops. However, Jin-Woo was pushed back because of Baran’s superior ability statistics.

Jin-Woo himself managed to kill it after hitting the monster’s chin so hard that its head fell off.

3. Sung Jin-Woo vs Ant King

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really Awesomesolo-leveling.fandom.com

Jin-Woo and Ant King’s duel broke out when Korea was hit by the Jeju Island crisis, where the hunter party at that time was almost on the verge of defeat.

This is where they started fighting, starting with their bare hands and using their respective weapons, where Jin-Woo used the Demon King’s dagger and the Ant King with his claws.

Not only the two of them, the shadow troops and the ants were also involved in their king’s duel.

Ant King himself died as a result of a series of slashes by Jin-Woo and was resurrected as Beru.

2. Sung Jin-Woo vs 3 Monarchs

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeJin-Woo is stabbed by the Monarch of Beast (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

This duel could be said to be the first time Jin-Woo experienced death.

During the battle, Jin-Woo was hit by a trap created by the collaboration of the three Monarchs, where the Frost Monarch froze his shadow army so that the hunter’s strength continued to drain after he succeeded in defeating Querehsha, the Plague Monarch.

As a result, Rakan, the Beast Monarch, took advantage of this golden opportunity to thrust his claws into Jin-Woo until the hunter died.

But who would have thought, the moment Jin-Woo died would actually be the turning point in his rise to become a true Shadow Monarch.

After becoming a full Monarch, Jin-Woo immediately slaughtered the two of them as a form of warning to all the remaining Monarchs.

1. Sung Jin-Woo vs Antares

11 Best Battles In Solo Leveling!  Number 1 Is Really AwesomeAntares and Jin-Woo (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

After slaughtering the three Monarchs, Jin-Woo’s work was still not over because he had to fight the strongest Monarch he had ever fought, Antares, the ruler of the dragons.

At this point, Jin-Woo had to use everything, both tactics and his best abilities, to be able to keep up with the dragon king. He even transformed into a giant black knight when he was fighting Antares in his dragon form.

Jin-Woo himself only won after successfully luring Antares to a location that allowed the Rulers to kill him.

You could say, Antares is the strongest enemy Jin-Woo has ever faced, to the point that he had to work together with the Rulers to defeat him in the first round.

After changing history with the Cup of Reincarnation, Jin-Woo was only able to kill Antares with his own hands.

That’s the list of the best battles in Solo Leveling so far.

What do you think?

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