11 Best Melee Fighters in Jujutsu Kaisen! Who is Number 1??

11 Petarung Jarak Dekat Terbaik Di Jujutsu Kaisen! Siapa Nomor 1??

Apart from curse techniques, one measure of a jujutsu magician’s combat ability can be seen from how he fights at close range. So far, there are 10 people who have made it into the ranks of the best close-range fighters in the world Jujutsu Kaisen.

Who are they? Here’s the list!

11. Choso

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Choso prepares to face Pseudo-Geto (doc. MAPPA/ Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2)

As the eldest of the Cursed Wombs, Choso is known to be very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

He is even shown to be able to match the level of fighters like Yuji and Naoya.

This ability is further strengthened by the Blood Manipulation technique which increases his physical strength so that he can deflect and counterattack enemies.

It’s just that since the Culling Game started, Choso has been shown to be often battered so he has to settle for being at the bottom of the rankings.

10. Yuta Okkotsu

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??dock. MAPPA/ Jujutsu Kaisen

Even though he has the status of a special class wizard, Yuta has to admit that he is still weaker in this aspect of direct combat than other wizards.

Yuta himself is skilled at close range fighting because he was trained by Maki during his early days at jujutsu school. He himself is known to be skilled in using the katana.

After overseas training, Yuta was then shown to be able to use the gauntlet to fight as he demonstrated during the Culling Game.

9. Kinji Hakari

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Hakari was seriously injured in the stomach area (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

This former jujutsu student is known to be skilled in close combat. This is proven by how he was able to make a fighter like Yuji battered by his punches.

However, Hakari’s true potential in this field only emerges when he enters his temporary immortal mode. At that moment, the young man will use all his martial arts techniques, including punches, kicks and locks, with full force on the enemy.

Therefore, he was able to drive an ancient wizard like Hajime Kashimo into a corner.

8. Nanami Kento

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Nanami dances in her delusions in Kuantan (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 2)

Nanami Kento is known to have the Ratio curse technique which allows him to create weak points in enemies based on a 7:3 ratio of the target’s body length.

Thanks to this technique, Nanami can fatally attack with her weapon or with her bare hands. An ordinary fighter would probably immediately fall if his weak point was directly hit by this man’s attack.

Nanami’s technique is so dangerous, only fighters like Mahito are immune to attacks like that.

7. Aoi Todo

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Todo uses Simple Domain (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 2)

As we know, Todo’s Boogie Woogie technique is not an offensive type of attack so the young man had to find another way to destroy the curse.

He also chose to hone his physical strength to the maximum point. And as a result, Aoi is able to produce fatal results with every physical attack. Megumi and Yuji were overwhelmed when they first encountered this Kyoto student.

Todo’s attack abilities are even more deadly when combined with the Boogie Woogie technique which successfully confuses the enemy so that he often ends up getting hit by the young man’s punches.

6. Yuji Itadori

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??dock. MAPPA/ Jujutsu Kaisen

In terms of physical strength, Yuji has been known to be abnormal since he was in junior high school, where he often set world records in every sports test.

When starting his journey as a wizard, Yuji was known to often succeed in making special cursers battered, as experienced by Hanami and Mahito in their battles.

Megumi even said that if all the jujutsu school students fought Yuji without the curse technique, then Yuji would win.

But what is most dangerous about Yuji is his soul interaction ability. Each attack not only shook the target’s body but also the soul that inhabited the body of the target of the young man’s fistfight.

5. Yuki Tsukumo

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Yuki Tsukumo, a wizard who becomes Todo’s teacher (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 2)

One woman is known to be a dangerous fighter because her curse technique is very compatible with her fighting style.

With the effect of the Star Rage technique, Yuki is able to make her physical attacks have a brutal impact because the effect makes the mass load on the woman’s punch or kick become heavier.

In another sense, being hit by this girl was like being hit by a bulldozer or being trampled directly by an elephant.

4. Gojo Satoru

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??dock. MAPPA/ Jujutsu Kaisen

Even though he often relies on Limitless, Gojo is also known to often train his close-range fighting skills. Jogo and Hanami felt this when they fought against this man in Shibuya.

Jogo was hit several times by Gojo’s punches and kicks in their two fights. Meanwhile, Hanami felt pain when the plant roots on her head were forcibly removed by this witch.

He is even known to often create Blue techniques as boxing gloves so that the impact of his punches is much more powerful than the normal punch version.

Yuta and Hakari were left traumatized when they felt the blow from their teacher.

3. Toji Fushiguro

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Toji prepares to beat his enemy (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen S2)

As the owner of Heavenly Restriction, Toji several times defeated magicians who were statistically stronger than him in the aspect of curse energy.

He once defeated Gojo and Geto in their first fight only armed with the ability to use cursed weapons and artifacts such as the Inverted Spear of Heaven.

When he came back to life, Toji also pushed Dagon to the point where he was forced to slaughter creatures using only Playful Cloud’s capital which he forcibly took from Maki. Even though the curse is a special level that even Naobito and Nanami can’t overcome.

2. Maki Zenin

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??Maki when taking off her glasses (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen)

At first, Maki’s power level at the beginning of the story was quite weak. But everything turned around when he lost Mai forever.

At the moment of his sister’s death, Maki succeeded in unlocking the potential of Heavenly Restriction and succeeded in slaughtering all members of the Zenin clan using only the katana Mai made before he died.

During the final battle, Maki was even praised by Sukuna several times, who thought that the girl felt like Mahoraga when she fought. Even though the girl fought only with physical strength and the Split Soul sword.

1. Sukuna

11 Best Melee Fighters In Jujutsu Kaisen!  Who Is Number 1??dock. MAPPA/ Jujutsu Kaisen

And as usual, the throne of the strongest once again fell to Sukuna in this field.

How come? He can handle a series of attacks from the combination of Maki and Yuji, who in fact are the best magicians who specialize in close combat.

His punches are also quite heavy considering that he could make Megumi fly with just one punch during their fight. Yuji even lost badly as a result of being hit by a kick from Sukuna while fighting in the curse king’s special domain.

Not to mention his stamina which is no joke considering that Sukuna can serve Jogo and Mahoraga consecutively without feeling tired at all.

So making the curse king fight against enemies one after another felt pointless. In fact, all the magicians who fought him could have fallen before Sukuna’s stamina ran out.

That’s the list of the best melee fighters available Jujutsu Kaisen.

What do you think?

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