15 Best, Challenging and Unexpected Psychological Anime!

15 Psychological Anime Terbaik, Menantang Dan Tak Terduga!

Anime themed psychology is an interesting concept. Psychological anime generally presents stories that are full of enigmas, especially from the perspective of the characters who tend to be mysterious.

Furthermore, psychology Anime indirectly drags the audience into enjoying a challenging experience, where we are invited to judge whether something is right or wrong from a different point of view.

So, below we present a number of recommendations psychology The best anime that you shouldn’t miss. Come on, check out the list!

15. Kakegurui

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. MAPPA/ Kakegurui

I like psychological anime that uses concepts games strategy? So Kakegurui the answer!

Kakegurui tells the story of the dark side of Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school that is more appropriately called a gambling base. This was caused by the strange curriculum implemented by the academy.

At Hyakkaou Private Academy, student rankings are determined through gambling. Those who are skilled at this unusual bet will gain power, while those who are not skilled will be treated like animals.

14. Classroom of the Elite

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Lerche/Classroom of the Elite

Still with psychological anime set in schools, this time there is one Classroom of the Elite.

Adaptation series light novels It centers on a group of elite students at Koudo Ikusei High School, an academy that nurtures superior students who are prepared for the progress of the local country.

Classroom of the Elite introducing a series of genius characters. However, behind that, they each have their own dark side. So it’s not surprising, you will see every student pushing each other to become the best in the school.

13. Psycho-Pass

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Production IG/ Psycho-Pass Providence

Now we turn to anime whose focus is mystery and detective stories, namely Psycho-Pass.

Through this anime, viewers are invited to witness how modern technology in the future works, precisely through special tools owned by the police unit, namely Sibyl System.

This system is used as an indicator to assess a person’s mental state, including the person’s potential to commit a crime. The results of the assessment itself became known as Psycho-Pass.

Someone will be arrested if they raise it Psycho-Pass hers reached a certain limit. In fact, if necessary, the criminal can be immediately executed.

12. Death Parade

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Madhouse/ Death Parade

Next, namely Death Parade, an anime where the main setting is a mysterious bar which is actually a stopover place after death, before the dead are finally sent to the afterlife.

The “protocol” figure in this show is a bartender named Dekim. Dekim will direct the souls of the deceased to play certain games.

Not just anything gamesbecause the game will determine the fate of the player after death.

11. Neon Genesis Evangelion

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Gainax/ Neon Genesis Evangelion

If you are interested in the theme mecha, You can try watching an old anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion This.

Neon Genesis Evangelion focuses the story on the pilots of a humanoid robot called “Evangelion”. They must risk their lives to fight mysterious creatures that threaten humanity.

Carrying the hopes of the entire population of Earth, the pilots will be faced with doubts that damage their mental health.

10. Parasyte

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!reelrundown.com

Human life is under great threat when aliens descend on Earth and try to take over human brains to use them as hosts. It doesn’t stop there, they also prey on humans, causing various brutal deaths everywhere.

Parasyte focuses on a student named Shinichi Izumi. His life suddenly changes after an alien figure tries to control his body and fails. The alien, who was later named Migi, could only take over Shinichi’s right hand.

Shinichi and Migi then begin working together to fight the alien parasite, especially after the death of Shinichi’s mother caused by the creature.

9. The Promised Neverland

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!comicbook.com

At the beginning of the anime, a psychological anime entitled The Promised Neverland looks like an anime where the setting is an orphanage in general.

However, slowly, it is shown that this anime is much darker than we could have expected.

Focusing on the characters Emma, ​​Norman, and Ray, The Promised Neverland tells the story of intelligent children who are raised like ‘livestock’, where when their time comes, they will be sacrificed to human-eating monsters who have taken over the world.

8. The Future Diary

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!Yuno Gasai (doc. asread./ Mirai Nikki)

Like Kakegurui And Death Parade, The Future Diary also carries the concept gamesto be precise, is a game with big and risky stakes.

In this anime, 12 selected people are dragged to participate in the games life and death. They were given one diary special ones who predict the future, then are forced to kill each other.

One person who manages to survive within the specified time period will be crowned as the new God of Time and Space.


15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!Erased (A-1 Pictures/ Erased)

Psychological The next best anime that you must watch is ERASED.

This anime tells the story of a manga writer who has the ability to go back to the past, namely Satoru Fujinuma.

Until one day, he was accused of being a murder suspect. Not taking it for granted, Satoru turned back time, but instead was thrown far back to when he was still in elementary school. Satoru begins a new journey while thwarting every terrible tragedy that turns out to be connected.

6. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. White Fox/ Re:Zero

By theme time travel, Re:Zero is predicted to be a psychological anime that will make the audience feel as frustrated as the protagonist of the story, Natsuki Subaru.

The story begins when Natsuki is mysteriously transported to an alternative world, where he meets Emilia who saves him.

Up to the point where Natsuki and Emilia were killed for the first time, Natsuki realized that he had the ability to turn back time.

5. Steins;Gate

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!pdvg.it

Steins;Gate might show that there is a scary side behind the uncontrolled development of technology.

Steins;Gate tells the story of Okabe Rintarou, a mad scientist who succeeded in creating a device called the Phone Microwave. This discovery allowed him to send messages to the past.

Unfortunately, there are impacts that Rintarou and his colleagues have to face, namely changes to the flow of time.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!Haise Sasaki Tokyo Ghoul. (Doc. Pierrot/Tokyo Ghoul)

Thick with horror content and gore-his, Tokyo Ghoul was named one of the best psychological themed anime that should not be missed.

This anime focuses on a character named Kaneki, an ordinary human who later became a half-ghoul, namely a man-eating ghost.

Kaneki is forced to face the bitter truth about his fate in life which has now completely changed, he is even considered an enemy of humans and is being hunted.

3. Perfect Blue

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Madhouse/Perfect Blue

Next is the old anime film from 1997 entitled Perfect Blue.

Anime thriller This highlights a young Japanese pop singer who was encouraged by his agency to focus on the world of acting. However, this decision was the start of various terrible terrors caused by a fan who was too obsessed with him.

2. Monsters

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Madhouse/ Monster

Anime Monsters focuses on the character Kenzou Tenma, a rising doctor who once saved a little boy named Johan Liebert.

However, Johan turned out to grow up to become a very cruel serial killer, where he used other people as his pawns. Dr. Tenma begins his pursuit of Johan, assisted by Johan’s twin sister, Anna.

1. Death Note

15 Best, Challenging And Unexpected Psychological Anime!dock. Madhouse/Death Note

Death Note it feels like it deserves to be considered psychology the best anime ever made.

This anime tells the story of a student named Light Yagami, who is now the owner of a Death Note belonging to a shinigami named Ryuk. Light himself is obsessed with creating a world without crime, so he kills criminals indiscriminately.

Every sudden death that occurs in large numbers raises suspicion from the police. To uncover this mystery, a prominent detective named L was sent.

These are a number of recommendations psychology The best anime that you must watch. Have other recommendations? Write in the comments column, come on!

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