15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel and Merciless Waifu!

15 Waifu Berdarah Dingin, Kejam Dan Tanpa Ampun!

Some of you may be looking for anime characters with gentle and loving personalities waifu. However, quite a few are actually attracted to cruel characters, especially when it comes to certain things.

Just call it Makima. This clearly manipulative and merciless character is popular with many fans. Who else? Here’s the list waifu cold blooded you should know!

1. Mikasa Ackerman – Attack on Titan

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!netflix.com/Attack on Titan

In first place, there is Mikasa Ackerman, the protagonist in series Attack on Titan.

Mikasa is a talented fighter who uses her skills mainly to protect the person she loves, namely Eren Yeager, the savior of her life in the past.

As one of the soldiers, Mikasa was able to slay many Titans calmly. In fact, it was recorded that the number of Titans he managed to kill was the second largest after Levi Ackerman.

2. Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen. (Doc. Mappa/Jujutsu Kaisen)

In ordinary moments, Nobara Kugisaki may seem like an ordinary woman. He has a good relationship with two of his classmates, namely Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro.

However, Nobara emerged as a sadistic figure while carrying out her role as a Jujutsu witch. He did not hesitate to attack the enemy, or launch brutal tactics that required Nobara to injure his own body.

3. Yor Forger – Spy x Family

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!dock. WIT Studio x CloverWorks/ Spy x Family Code: White

All fans know that Yor Briar alias Yor Forger lives her daily life as a City Hall employee, Loid’s wife, and Anya Forger’s mother as a cover.

Behind her sometimes clumsy character, Yor is a scary woman. She is the famous “Thorn Princess” assassin who is feared by criminals.

Apart from his obligations to the Garden organization that houses him, Yor will also become a cold-blooded figure if the people he cares about are threatened.

4. Olivier Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!dock. Bones/Fullmetal Alchemist

Olivier Armstrong holds responsibility for commanding soldiers at Fort Briggs.

This figure was highly respected by his subordinates, because Olivier’s attitude was very firm, including towards his troops.

Against enemies, Olivier was known to be merciless. The head of the Armstrong Family finished off his enemies swiftly without giving them a chance to act.

5. Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!dock. A-1 Pictures/ Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet has been recognized as a powerful witch. She is a woman who never backs down from battle, especially to protect her colleagues from repeating the regrets of the past.

Erza is really strong physically and mentally. He proved that by successfully defeating several dangerous enemies.

6. Esdeath – Akame ga Kill!

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Dock. White Fox

Esdeath went through difficult things in her childhood, which forced her to grow into the person she is today.

Esdeath is a feared commander. He is known for his cruelty towards the empire’s enemies, especially members of Night Raid. Esdeath shows her inhuman personality throughout the series.

7. Android 18 – Dragon Ball

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!crunchyroll.com/Dragon Ball Super

Android 18 in the world Dragon Ball is the work of Dr. Gero was the one who initially targeted Goku’s life. He is a heartless figure who is only focused on his goals.

Over time, Android 18 becomes part of the Z Fighters and fights back against Dr. Gero. Even so, his cool attitude and toughness in battle remained inherent to his figure.

8. Bishamonten – Noragami

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Bishamonten (doc. Bones/ Noragami)

Bishamonten in the series Noragami is one of the Gods of Fortune. To be precise, he is the God of War. His figure is really cruel, especially if it’s one shinki-her breasts were in danger.

Bishamon utilizes her various powers in brutal combat. One had to admit, his strength in the Deity world was truly wary.

9. Makima – Chainsaw Man

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Makima in the preview of Chainsaw Man episode 1. (Doc. Studio MAPPA/Chainsaw Man)

Makima is a manipulative figure who manages to get the full spotlight in the series. Even though she is part of the Security Bureau that exterminates demons, Makima’s true identity is a Control Devil who is obsessed with Pochita.

Makima is truly the true image of a devil. He will show no mercy during the fight.

10. Annie Leonhart – Attack on Titan

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!dock. Wit Studio/ Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart showed a flat, emotionless expression. He is so apathetic, but his thinking is very realistic.

However, it must be admitted that Annie, who is the figure behind the Female Titan, is a dangerous fighter. He is a cold person, who will be brutal when he loses control of his own composure.

11. Satsuki Kiryuin – Kill la Kill

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!(Doc. Arc System Works, Studio TRIGGER/Kill la Kill If)

Satsuki Kiryuin is the Student Council President at Hannoji Academy in the series Kill la Kill. As a leader, he is known to be firm and serious.

Satsuki mobilizes all the strength of the student council members to fight those who oppose her. He really didn’t harbor any feelings of doubt, even though the person he was facing was his own brother.

12. Arisa Uotani – Fruits Basket

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!dock. TMS Entertainment/ Fruits Basket

Who would have thought, one of Tohru Honda’s best friends was once a gang member.

Arisa Uotani has been involved in many brutal fights while joining the gang. However, now he has completely escaped from that cruel world.

Uotani brings his powers from the past to intimidate anyone who tries to do evil things to his friends.

13. Seryu Ubiquitous – Akame ga Kill!

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Seryu Ubiquitous (doc. White Fox/ Akame ga Kill!)

Although Seryu Ubiquitous is clearly introduced as an antagonist in the series Akame ga Kill, but there are some fans who love his sadistic characteristics hiding behind his sweet face.

Seryu has misunderstood the concept of right and wrong. He is a hypocritical figure who often acts the opposite of what he says. He was proven to never hesitate to slaughter his enemies under the pretext of carrying out a noble task.

14. Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Dock. Asread

Yuno Gasai is one of the characters yandere most iconic in anime history. She does not hesitate to slaughter anyone who threatens the safety of the man she loves, who is none other than Yukiteru Amano.

Yuki himself also couldn’t do anything. Yuno may have been able to accept Yuki’s request to forbid him for a few moments, but it was proven that Yuno was the one who had moved Yuki under his control.

15. Rize Kamishiro – Tokyo Ghoul

15 Cold-Blooded, Cruel And Merciless Waifu!Rize Kamishiro (Pierrot/Tokyo Ghoul)

From the series Tokyo Ghoul, there is Rize Kamishiro. This ghoul initially introduced himself as a sweet figure who proved capable of luring the protagonist Ken Kaneku into his charm.

In fact, behind that, Rize just wants delicious food. In fact, after he died and his organs were transplanted into Kaneki’s body, Rize remained ‘alive’ and continued to bother Kaneki in his subconscious.

Well, that’s the line waifu cold-blooded with a cruel and merciless personality. There is waifu-you, right?

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