18 Sequences of Events of the Fourth Ninja World War in Naruto!

18 Urutan Kejadian Perang Dunia Ninja Keempat di Naruto!

The Fourth Ninja World War was the world war with the largest impact and scale in the world Narutobut the conflict lasted only about 2 and a half days, from October 8th and ended on Naruto Uzumaki’s birthday, October 10th.

The conflict between the Shinobi Alliance against Akatsuki and Kabuto, with the mission to protect Naruto and Killer B, was quite tough with several sequences of events.

What was the sequence of events like? Come on, let’s look at the following.

1. Declaration of war by Tobi of Akatsuki

tobi declaration of war.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

After Akatsuki collected seven of the nine Bijuuas well as the attacks they carried out in various villages, the five villages represented by the five Kage gathered to discuss what action they should take with this Akatsuki problem.

Initially each village was arguing because they had their own personal problems, but Sasuke came to attack the meeting of five Kage to kill Danzo (who at that time became Hokage Tsunade’s replacement).

At this moment, Tobi (Obito) has taken it back Rinnegan help Sasuke from the Kage and declared war. He’ll catch the remaining two Bijuu (Gyuki and Kurama) then carried out the Eye of the Moon plan, the impact was the destruction of the ninja world.

2. Formation of the Shinobi Alliance

naruto war alliance.pngPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Akatsuki had arrived at meeting five Kage and declared war on all villages, plus the impact of Akatsuki’s plan was the destruction of the ninja world.

Because of this, the five major ninja villages, namely Konoha, Suna, Iwa, Kiri, and Kumo, plus Samurai from the land of Iron formed a collaboration to overcome the Akatsuki threat, giving birth to the Shinobi Alliance.

The leadership composition of the Shinobi Alliance is Raikage as the main leader of the alliance, Gaara/Kazekage as commander of all divisions as well as the fourth division.

Darui, Kitsuchi, Kakashi, and Mifune are also leaders of the field division, with Shikamaru as the second leader of the fourth division after Gaara, Shikaku the strategist, Ao the leader of the sensor division, Shizune the leader of the medical division, Mei/Mizukage the Daimyo’s captain and bodyguard.

3. Division Three which fights Edo Tensei with Kekkei Genkai

zabuza and haku.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Anko’s intelligence division was ambushed by Kabuto, so they needed help from the sudden attack division led by Kankuro.

The sudden attack division actually had difficulty dealing with it Edo Tenseibecause of that the Third Division led by Kakashi came to help.

Edo Tensei those present are users Kekkei Genkai namely Haku, Pakura, Gari, then there is Zabuza Momochi, who later Akatsuki will need help from Edo Tensei Seven Ninja Swordsmen from the Left.

4. Second Division against 20 thousand White Zetsu

Neji and Hinata Hyugacrunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

Division Two, which contained close-range fighters and was led by Kitsuchi, was sent to the Kumo border because it was detected that there were thousands of White Zetsu moving underground. Neji, Hinata, Kurotsuchi, and the rest of the Second Division fight 20 thousand White Zetsu troops here.

5. Fight on the coast of the Land of Lightning

naruto shippuden - asuma shikamaru team ino choji.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

To enter the Kumo area (and take Naruto and Killer B), Akatsuki took the sea route and arrived at the coast of the Land of Lightning (where Kumo is located).

Division One led by Darui is already there, so they confront Edo Tensei Asuma Sarutobi, Hizashi Hyuga, Dan Kato, Kakuzu, Kinkaku, Ginkaku, and the White Zetsu squad.

Division One couldn’t do it alone, Division Two and Division Four came to help.

6. Second battle on the coast of the Land of Lightning

Naruto - Gedo Mazocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

The battle on the coast of the Land of Lightning was already very difficult, but after Asuma Sarutobi, Hizashi Hyuga, Dan Kato, Kakuzu, Kinkaku, and Ginkaku were successfully dealt with by the Shinobi Alliance, a new threat emerged.

Obito comes with the Gedo Mazo statue to take Kinkaku and Ginkaku which he has chakras Kurama.

7. The Daimyo protection conflict closed the first day of the war

Chojuro Hiramekarei swordPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Mei Terumi is sent to cover the evacuation Daimyo of the five countries, because they are the presidents of each ninja village. In this mission, they were ambushed by Black Zetsu and White Zetsu troops.

This conflict closed the first day of the war. However, in the evening the Shinobi Alliance received a message that White Zetsu could disguise itself as a human, causing a crisis of confidence.

8. Naruto and Killer B join the war

Naruto RaikagePierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Since the first day, Naruto and Killer B have known about the situation that the ninjas were fighting against Akatsuki to protect them.

They don’t want to just be a burden, they want to help even if they have to fight Raikage It’s still old-fashioned that Naruto and Killer B can’t join the war.

9. The previous Edo Tensei Kage fought Division Four, Gaara, and Onoki

kage edo tensei.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

The second day of the war, Akatsuki increased the pressure in attacking the Shinobi Alliance, by sending Edo Tensei Your. Knowing that Mu would be a threat, Onoki, who is Mu’s student, came to help.

Apart from Mu, there are also Raikage Third, Mizukage Second, and Kazekage The four that appear in form Edo Tensei.

10. Naruto and Killer B vs Itachi and Nagato

nagato-and-itachi.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Akatsuki sent two Edo Tensei eye users Dojutsu strong, namely Itachi and Nagato. Both of them are actually good, but controlled by Kabuto to capture Naruto and B. Itachi uses Kotoamatsukami to get out of bondage Edo Tensei Kabuto.

11. The Rise of Madara Uchiha

madara uchiha.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Fourth Division, Gaara, Onoki, and Naruto succeeded in sealing several Kage Edo Tensei. But they were surprised because Madara got up with Edo Tensei. So who is the masked man on the other side of the war?

Madara alone succeeded in disrupting Division Four, plus Gaara, Onoki, and Naruto.

12. The battle of the Jinchuriki

jinchuriki edo tensei.jpgPierrot/Naruto Studios

Tobi was active on the second day to hunt two Jinchuriki last living, Naruto and Killer B. He used six Jinchuriki previous with chakras Bijuu each.

A large-scale fight broke out between the Jinchuriki And Bijuu they. Here Naruto met and became friends with Bijuu other.

Later Kakashi and Might Guy help Naruto and Killer B.

13. Madara vs Five Kage

5 kage narutoPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Realizing that Madara was not just an enemy, the Shinobi Alliance needed the strongest ninja in their alliance. Therefore A RaikageTsunade Hokageand May Mizukage came to help Gaara and Onoki fight Madara.

In the end the five of them lost against Madara.

14. The Uchiha brothers fight Kabuto

Kabuto-vs-itachi1.jpgPierrot/Naruto Studios

Itachi who had previously been free from Edo Tensei Kabuto wants to help the alliance by stopping the users Edo Tensei– Kabuto.

Here he met Sasuke. The two Uchiha brothers fought Kabuto and Edo Tensei was successfully stopped, resulting in all of the Allied Shinobi forces gaining the upper hand in various locations, except for five Kage where Madara could cancel Edo Tensei Also.

15. Fight against Obito and Madara

obito madaraPierrot/Naruto Studios

Obito succeeded in bringing it up JuubiMadara successfully defeated five Kagethe two come together and confront Naruto.

In this fight, thanks to Itachi who stopped Edo Tenseiall the other ninja divisions come to Naruto’s aid, so the fight is Obito, Madara vs. Shinobi Alliance.

Here is also Obito’s moment to absorb Juubi and become Jinchuriki Kurama.

16. The four previous Hokage came to help, plus Sasuke’s group


After helping Itachi, Sasuke gathers with Taka’s team and they revive Orochimaru. He needs answers regarding the village and HokageOrochimaru helped him by resurrecting the four Hokage previous.

Later the four of them came to war and helped the Shinobi Alliance fight Obito and Madara, becoming an advantage for the Shinobi Alliance plus Naruto.

17. Madara becomes the Jinchuriki of the Juubi, Mugen Tsukuyomi’s plan is successful

mugen tsukuyomi.jpgPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Obito was defeated, but Madara used Obito to get back up. After that Madara became Jinchuriki Juubi.

In the process, Madara almost killed Naruto and Sasuke, but Obito and Kabuto helped. Might Guy fights Madara but fails.

In the end, Naruto and Sasuke’s resistance failed, Madara succeeded in using it Mugen Tsukuyomi and traps one world, except team 7 which is under protection Susano’o Sasuke.

18. The fight against Kaguya

Naruto Sasuke vs Kaguya Naruto ShippudenDock. Pierrot Studios

Everything Madara did turned out to be to resurrect Kaguya Otsutsuki, so that the final war was against Kaguya.

Naruto and Sasuke with help chakras Hagoromo finally succeeded in sealing Kaguya. Hagoromo said to stop Mugen Tsukuyomi requires Naruto and Sasuke to make a seal together.

Even though after that Naruto and Sasuke fought, the war effectively ended when Kaguya was sealed.

That’s the Fourth Ninja World War sequence in Narutowhat do you think?

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