20% of anime profits come from the West

20% Of Anime Profits Come From The West Anya Spy X Family Wakuwaku Screenshot
20% Of Anime Profits Come From The West Anya Spy X Family Wakuwaku Screenshot

The popularity of anime in the West continues to increase and according to one report Annually 20% of anime profits came from territories outside Japan, when compared to 2022 we saw an increase of 11%. Much of this share was due to the performance of adaptations to SPY x FAMILYat the definitive end of Attack on Titan and the Polish-Japanese collaboration of Netflix, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

It should be noted that this report covers profits from a variety of sources that include TV broadcasts and streaming platforms, merchandise and soundtracks and reveals that the global anime market will reach one and a half trillion yen in 2023. This growth was quite sharp in revenue from outside Japan due to advertising, the availability of anime on streaming platforms, and cross-selling of products such as games and figures.

This is a trend that has been growing every year since 2014. With the increase in anime films in cinemas around the world in 2023, revenue from anime films has also increased, for example One Piece Film: Red it grossed around $37.47 million worldwide.

Due to this growth, anime companies are increasingly paying attention to their global operations, especially Toei animation which reported an 85.8% increase in profits between March and August 2023. It is more than likely that this increase was due to the Wano anime arc in the One Piece and the live-action adaptation of Netflix.

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