34 Pain Nagato Quotes in Naruto, Containing Messages of Life!

34 Quotes Pain Nagato Di Naruto, Mengandung Pesan Kehidupan!

Introduced as the evil character, Pain Nagato in the anime Naruto has gone through difficult times that have fostered a deep sense of hatred for the world he lives in.

Despite his quite scary appearance, Pain Nagato conveys many wise words full of meaning. Following are a number of quotes from Pain Nagato Naruto which contains messages of life.

1. Quotes Pain Nagato di Naruto

34 Pain Nagato Quotes In Naruto, Containing Messages Of Life!Pierrot/Boruto Studios

1. “Suffering is what makes me stronger.”

2. “In the end time will pass and the pain will disappear.”

3. “If revenge is a form of justice, then justice will only be a chain of hatred.”

4. “I want you to feel pain in order to think about pain, accept it, and know what pain is like.”

5. “Even a stupid child can grow well if he understands the meaning of pain.”

6. “Too many victims here. It’s the pain that makes me grow.”

7. “You only see trees, not forests. You don’t know what true peace is.”

8. “I want to protect them even if I have to suffer.”

9. “Affection cannot make you forgive someone easily.”

10. “As long as humans exist, hatred will continue to exist.”

2. Akatsuki’s Words of Pain in Naruto

34 Pain Nagato Quotes In Naruto, Containing Messages Of Life!crunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

11. “Faith is something better than anything else.”

12. “Love is the reason behind pain.”

13. “Love gives birth to sacrifice, then hatred.”

14. “If you don’t share your pain with someone, you will never understand them.”

15. “Now I can see everything I could never see when I was human.”

16. “The trivial things that motivate a person will ultimately only give rise to war.”

17. “Justice without power is empty. But power without justice is just violence.”

18. “I formed Akatsuki to end hatred.”

19. “We cannot help, even though we know that people cannot understand each other.”

20. “Your justice is to kill me and Akatsuki, and my justice is to take revenge on Konoha. Everything has a background. Then, do you know what justice is?”

3. Pain Nagato’s dialogue contains a message of life

34 Pain Nagato Quotes In Naruto, Containing Messages Of Life!crunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

21. “Feel, think, accept, and recognize the meaning of suffering. Someone who doesn’t know that will not know the meaning of peace.”

22. “A person who does not know pain will not know what peace means.”

23. “With peace, I will create justice.”

24. “In this cursed world, peace that allows everyone to understand each other is just a dream.”

25. “Fear breeds aversion to war, and thus the battle will end.”

26. “You think you can delay death. In fact, peace makes you stupid. If you kill, other people will turn to kill you. Hatred has bound us all.”

27. “I am the one who will end this never-ending war. That is God’s work.”

28. “All the pain forced me to mature.”

29. “Just by living, people can hurt others without realizing it.”

30. “No matter how pathetic the reason, it is enough to start a war.”

31. “We are just ordinary people who want revenge in the name of justice.”

32. “When I have no one, I always feel sick.”

33. “Even children are forced to grow up in the face of pain.”

34. “Vengeance is the result of hatred and death will surely follow.”

Those are some quotes Pain Nagato in Naruto which contains messages of life. Which dialogue touched you the most?

Article first published on September 22, 2023, re-released on April 3, 2024.

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