4 Fighting Moments Between Jujutsu Kaisen Villains! Fighting Criminals

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Apart from the fight between the witches and the cursed camp, it turns out there are several rare incidents where the antagonists actually fight each other. Most of the cases themselves apparently involved Sukuna as one of the culprits.

What are the moments of the fight between the villains in Jujutsu Kaisen?

1. Sukuna vs Finger Bearer

4 Fighting Moments Between Jujutsu Kaisen Villains!  Fighting CriminalsSukuna drops the Finger Bearer (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen)

This incident occurred at the beginning of the story when Yuji almost died from the Finger Bearer.

At that moment, the young man’s consciousness switched so that Sukuna took over the fight.

Initially, Sukuna wanted to invite the curse to slaughter the jujutsu school students. But after being attacked by Finger Bearer from behind, the curse king decided to teach him a lesson.

As a result, Finger Bearer couldn’t do much even though he had put up resistance. He also died after Sukuna activated his Malevolent Shrine.

2. Jogo vs Sukuna

4 Fighting Moments Between Jujutsu Kaisen Villains!  Fighting CriminalsSukuna tells Jogo to keep trying (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 2)

During the Shibuya incident, Jogo was determined to revive Sukuna by force-feeding Yuji dozens of heirloom fingers at once.

His efforts were successful when Sukuna then got up. However, the curse king refused Jogo’s request to take over Yuji’s body completely.

However, as a form of appreciation, Sukuna gave Jogo the opportunity to land just one attack on his body. If successful, then the curse king is ready to become a subordinate of Mahito’s group.

Their own fight then breaks out where Jogo unleashes a barrage of his fire attacks. However, Sukuna skillfully cut off all the fiery curse attacks with his slash.

Feeling that his mood had improved, Sukuna invited Jogo to have a firefight and as a result, Jogo burned to death due to the cursed king’s fire arrow.

3. Yorozu vs Sukuna

4 Fighting Moments Between Jujutsu Kaisen Villains!  Fighting CriminalsYorozu and Sukuna start the fight (Doc. Mangaplus / Jujutsu Kaisen )

After completing the bathing ritual, Sukuna then started his movement targeting Yorozu. The reason was because the man wanted to make Megumi’s soul sink further because her sister’s body was slaughtered before her eyes.

Meanwhile, Yorozu herself is determined to challenge Sukuna to make him her husband.

Yorozu himself is known to have put up fierce resistance with construction techniques on a large scale. Meanwhile, Sukuna responded by releasing two new shikigami, Piercing Ox and Round Deer.

At its peak, Yorozu used his Domain Expansion which was named
Threefold Affliction and his signature attack, True Sphere. However, Sukuna countered everything with Mahoraga.

As a result, Yorozu lost at the hands of the curse king. Before he died, he was known to have made a Kamutoke replica for Sukuna.

4. Toji vs Dagon

4 Fighting Moments Between Jujutsu Kaisen Villains!  Fighting CriminalsToji vs Dagon (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen 2)

This duel occurred when the wizards were cornered by Dagon’s power. At that time, Megumi who had made her way out of the domain instead had Toji enter it. Because of that, their chances of escaping ended up being zero.

But unexpectedly, Toji instead chose to attack Dagon with Playful Cloud which he snatched from Maki.

And sure enough, Toji managed to show his strength by beating Dagon repeatedly and escaping a series of attacks from the cursed shikigami.

Dagon didn’t even think that a creature that didn’t have cursed energy could actually dominate him in a fight.

Toji himself then won the fight after stabbing Dagon’s head and beating him continuously until the creature was exorcised.

After defeating Dagon, Toji himself then transferred his fangs to his own son, Megumi.

That’s a list of battles between villains that occurred in Jujutsu Kaisen.

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