4 Interesting Things About Himawari and Mini Kurama’s Moments in Boruto: TBV Chapter 9

4 Hal Menarik Momen Himawari Dan Mini Kurama Boruto: Tbv Bab 9

Near the end of chapter 8 Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, We were shocked by Jura’s statement that he felt that the source he was looking for was Himawari. So, chapter 9 this time will explain the reason why Boruto’s younger brother is the new target of the Ego Jubi, the emergence of mini-sized Kurama!

What were the interesting things about Himawari’s meeting with the mini version of Kurama?

1. Jura is curious about why he felt Kurama’s presence in Himawari

4 Interesting Things About Himawari And Mini Kurama'S Moments In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 9Jura wonders why he seems to be being led to Himawari (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

In the previous chapter, Jura was shocked because the source of Kurama’s chakra that he detected actually led him to Himawari, the youngest child of the Seventh Hokage.

In fact, Himawari shouldn’t be a Jinchuriki because Kuruma disappeared after Naruto’s fight with Isshiki.

However, Jura himself felt happy because there was a mystery that could be solved to fulfill his curiosity. In order to fulfill his desire, he immediately tried to snatch Himawari from the shinobi.

Fortunately, the quick actions of Shikadai and his friends managed to save Himawari.

2. When running away from the Ego Jubi, Himawari’s vision seemed to shift to the subconscious where Kurama was

4 Interesting Things About Himawari And Mini Kurama'S Moments In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 9Himawari seemed to see something strange (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Realizing that Jura and Hidari’s level is far above them, Shikadai and the others escape by riding an eagle created by Inojin.

Shikadai himself suspected that the two Ego Jubi would not attack carelessly as long as Himawari was with them.

So, at that time, Himawari asked Inojin to put her down because he realized that the result would be the same whether he ran away alone or together.

Before Himawari finished her speech, she found the scenery around her changing to resemble the dimension where Kurama was trapped in Naruto’s body.

You can see that only Himawari’s thoughts entered Kurama’s place. Her body is still near Shikadai and his friends, so Himawari looks like she’s just daydreaming.

3. Little Kurama never thought that the Ego Jubi could detect his whereabouts

4 Interesting Things About Himawari And Mini Kurama'S Moments In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 9Little Kurama is behind Himawari (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

When she found herself in the world where Biju was sealed, Himawari then heard something talking behind her.

Well, as expected in the theory previously discussed, there was a figure that resembled a tailed Biju there.

When Himawari turned around, an entity appeared to look like Kurama but in a much smaller size than the original Kurama. You could say the size is like a normal dog when compared to Himawari.

He himself said that he did not think that the Ego Jubi could detect his whereabouts.

4. Little Kurama asks if Himawari recognizes him

4 Interesting Things About Himawari And Mini Kurama'S Moments In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 9The little Kurama that appeared in Himawari’s vision (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

After the conversation about the Ego Jubi, the little Kurama figure then asked Himawari one thing: Did the girl recognize him?

Himawari herself only answered that she was “Kyubi”, referring to the source tracked down by the Ego Jubi. So this figure is still not confirmed whether he is Kurama or not.

So from here, there are several suspicions that arise from the question of this mini Kurama figure. Firstly, the figure seemed to be the real Kurama and he asked Himawari about it because he knew that she was the daughter of Naruto, the previous Jinchuriki.

However, there is another possibility that he is another figure who happened to be born from the original Kurama chakra which passed down to Himawari from birth. This is based on the case where Minato previously also had a fragment of Kurama’s Yin chakra which apparently had its own consciousness.

That is the discussion of interesting things in Himawari’s meeting with the mini Kurama figure.

What do you think?

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