4 Joy Boy Hints in One Piece from the Giant Nation!

4 Petunjuk Joy Boy Di One Piece Dari Bangsa Raksasa!

Until now, we don’t know what Joy Boy’s true form was in the past. However, there are several clues that indicate that Joy Boy has a big body!

In fact, it could be that Joy Boy comes from the Giant Tribe or Buccaneers the big one!

How come? Come on, let’s look at 4 clues that Joy Boy comes from a nation of giants in the theoretical article One Piece the following!

1. There is a large Straw Hat in Mary Geoise

4 Joy Boy Hints In One Piece From The Giant Nation!The giant Straw Hats at Mary Geoise. (funimation.com/One Piece)

Some time ago we saw the figure of Imu-The same opening a cold room containing a large, frozen-looking Straw Hat.

Imu-The same also carrying a wanted poster of Luffy, as if comparing the Straw Hat on Luffy’s head with the Straw Hat in front of him.

From there, many theories say that the Straw Hat in Mary Geoise is the previous Joy Boy’s Straw Hat, especially as Luffy is now also said to be the current Joy Boy.

If this Straw Hat really belonged to Joy Boy in the past, that means Joy Boy’s head should be quite large!

2. Noah’s ship is giant

4 Joy Boy Hints In One Piece From The Giant Nation!Noah’s Ship in One Piece. (funimation.com/One Piece)

This clue even appeared quite far before, namely the Noah’s Ship. The Noah ship is said to be a ship that is promised to complete its mission one day with the help of Poseidon and the Sea King.

This ship clearly has a close connection to Joy Boy, but what if it turns out this ship is the ship that Joy Boy used to sail in the past?

If Joy Boy had used this ship himself to sail the world One Pieceit wouldn’t be strange if Joy Boy were giant considering that the Noah Ship itself is very large!

3. Joy Boy’s partner is giant

4 Joy Boy Hints In One Piece From The Giant Nation!Zunesha and the Giant Robot in One Piece. (Toei Animation/One Piece)

So far, two characters are confirmed to know Joy Boy (Zunesha and Iron Giant aka the Giant Robot in Egghead) is known to have a very large size and even exceeds the size of normal giants.

Zunesha is said to have made a mistake which caused him to be punished to continue until now, meanwhile Iron Giant recently appeared to apologize to Joy Boy.

If both of them regret what they did to Joy Boy, that means good Iron Giant and Zunesha should have a fairly close relationship with Joy Boy.

Seeing that both of them are larger than normal giants, this could be a sign that Joy Boy is also big!

4. Story Sun God Nika is very strong in the Elbaf Tribe and Buccaneers

4 Joy Boy Hints In One Piece From The Giant Nation!Luffy Gear 5, Dorry, and Brogy. (mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/One Piece)

It is known that beliefs about the God Nika have not faded among the Elbaf tribe. So maybe, Sun God Nika, which is also another name for Joy Boy, is the ancestor of the current Giant Nation.

If Joy Boy himself comes from the Giant Tribe, it means that at that time there were several giants who witnessed his presence directly Sun God Nika among them, or even saved by Nika herself!

Because their ancestors probably experienced the “miracle” themselves Sun God Nika, it is not surprising that the Giant Nation still believes in the existence of the Sun God to this day.

The same thing can also apply to Tribes Buccaneers. Until Bartholomew Kuma’s generation, Nika’s story was still told from generation to generation.

Keep that in mind, Tribe Buccaneers said to have the blood of the Giant Nation. Can be, Buccaneers these are the descendants of Joy Boy or at least, the descendants of the giants who lived in the Joy Boy era!

So it’s not surprising that the Nika fairy tale is so deeply rooted among the Buccaneer Tribe because it could be that the story originates from the Nika “miracle” experienced by their own ancestors!

Those are 4 clues that the previous Joy Boy was a Giant Nation! Agree or not with the theory One Piece Please try writing your response in the comments column!

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