4 Known Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Job Skills!

4 Skill Job Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Yang Diketahui! 

The skill of the Shadow Monarch job that Jin-Woo just got can be said to be one of the best overpowered because it allows users to create their own troops from defeated enemies. So far, there are four main skills known from the shadow ruler.

What are the skills of the Shadow Monarch job? Here’s the list!

1. Shadow Extraction

4 Known Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Job Skills! Jin-Woo and his new troops (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

This skill allows Jin-Woo to raise new shadow troops from killed living creatures, whether monsters or hunters as long as he produces mana from his body.

The command word itself depends on what the user wants, such as in the case of Jin-Woo who uses the word “rise”.

What’s great about this skill is that it doesn’t require magic energy and can be applied on a large scale so Jin-Woo can resurrect hundreds of individuals at one time.

It’s just that there are several weaknesses to this skill. Firstly, it cannot be used on individuals whose possessions are dirty like the devils. Second, this skill only has three opportunities to be used on the same target.

Third, it is recommended that this skill only be used on individuals who have recently experienced death. If the target has been dead for a long time, it will disappear even if it is successfully resurrected.

Lastly, this skill cannot be applied to spiritual existences like Ruler and Monarch.

2. Shadow Preservation

4 Known Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Job Skills! Explanation of how Shadow Preservation works (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

As the name suggests, this skill allows Jin-Woo to store his troops in his own shadow and summon them when needed.

However, there are extra features that will be unlocked if the level reaches 2. At that level, Jin-Woo can share visions with his shadows.

This allows him to monitor human targets attached to Jin-Woo’s shadow from a distance.

3. Shadow Exchange

4 Known Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Job Skills! Igris opens the entrance for his master (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

When it first opens, this skill allows Jin-Woo to swap places with one of his shadows. You could say this is like the teleportation trick that the Shadow Monarch has.

The problem is that this skill can only be used once every few hours so Jin-Woo has to wait until it arrives cooldown this technique ends.

After gaining the original power of the Shadow Monarch, Jin-Woo can use this skill as he pleases without being controlled by time. He can even teleport without having to change places with one of his troops.

4. Monarch’s Domain

4 Known Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Job Skills! Jin-Woo prepares to use Monarch’s Domain (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

This skill was first used by Jin-Woo when fighting the High Orc troops.

Due to the significant difference in numbers, Jin-Woo used this skill to increase the strength of all his troops by 50 percent from normal mode.

When this skill is active, the colors of Jin-Woo’s troops, which were initially dominated by black and blue, have now become purplish black.

That is the list of skills from the Shadow Monarch job that Jin-Woo got.

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