4 New Things in One Punch Man 197 Revised Version

4 Hal Baru Yang Terdapat Di One Punch Man 197 Versi Revisi

In the previous chapter, we were shown how terrible the terror of the Empty Void is. Well, this was then explained again in Blast’s past story, specifically at the moment of Garou’s fall.

What new things are there? One Punch Man chapter 167 new version?

1. Blast saw Saitama directly defeat Garou

4 New Things In One Punch Man 197 Revised VersionBlast saw the moment of Garou’s fall (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Blast doesn’t seem to just be a look at Saitama’s fight at the moment of releasing the Gamma Ray Burst.

It is known that he also clearly saw the scene where Saitama punched Garou until the young man met his defeat.

Not only that, Blast is also known to be instrumental in reducing the impact of Gamma Ray Burst radiation by throwing it into another dimension.

2. It is revealed that the Empty Void was the one that sucked Garou’s power

4 New Things In One Punch Man 197 Revised VersionBlast sees Empty Void sucking Garou’s power (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

After being punched by Saitama, Garou starts to lose his strength.

At first, it happened because of the effect of Saitama’s punch or being confiscated by God. However, there was something else that made this event happen.

Apparently all of Garou’s God-given powers were sucked up by the Empty Void from space.

And sure enough, the ninja returned to full strength so Blast attacked him directly.

3. Empty Void is shown to be able to hold dimensional space directly

4 New Things In One Punch Man 197 Revised VersionEmpty Void holds dimensions like cloth (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Apart from the dimensional slash that almost destroyed the Hero Association headquarters, Empty Void was shown to have other abilities that were no less terrifying.

He is shown to be able to slash Blast energy shots with ease. Even though this level of attack is considered great considering that the rank 1 hero is in serious mode.

Empty Void is also shown to have abilities that are similar but not the same as Saitama, namely interaction with dimensional space.

He took advantage of this by pulling space like a blanket so that he managed to avoid two Blast attacks easily.

4. In the revised version, Saitama does not decide to take part in the mission and chooses to look for udon curry

4 New Things In One Punch Man 197 Revised VersionSaitama chooses to look for food (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

In the old version, Saitama was shown accompanying Blast on the mission to capture the Empty Void.

However, in the latest version, it is shown that Saitama gave a different answer when asked by Flashy Flash.

He would rather look for food like curry udon with Manako than take part in this mission. The reason Saitama didn’t come alone was because he believed Blast could still handle it.

That’s the discussion about the list of new things on One Punch Man chapter 197 new version.

What do you think?

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