4 New Things in the One Punch Man 196 Revision

4 Hal Baru Yang Terdapat Di Revisi One Punch Man 196

After chapter 195, chapter 196 again has several new additions in the revised version this time. One of them is proof of how terrible Empty Void is in the eyes of Blast, who is actually the first ranked hero.

What’s new in the revised chapter 196 of the manga One Punch Man?

1. Flashy warns Blast not to interfere

4 New Things In The One Punch Man 196 RevisionFlashy warns Blast not to interfere (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

For the revised version, there are no significant changes to the heroes’ dialogue discussing the mysteries of God and the Empty Void.

However, there was one thing that made Flashy and Blast’s conversation different, namely that the ninja warned him not to interfere after finding out that Blast was too soft on his colleague.

Well, it seems that Flashy was disappointed because because of Blast, Empty Void managed to escape and recover himself.

He felt that it was better to find out about the God entity himself without Blast’s help.

2. The condition of one of the experimental subjects was much more dire than in the old version

4 New Things In The One Punch Man 196 RevisionThe condition of an experimental volunteer is more terrifying than the old version of the manga (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Apart from the moment Flashy warned Blast in their dialogue, there is one more thing that makes this new version of chapter 196 feel darker.

Well, the moment of the de-monsterification experiment on the monster cell victims in this version seems much more terrifying because one of them is shown in a charred condition after the monster cell separation experiment.

You can compare it with the old version made by Murata below, where the visuals are still friendlier to children’s eyes than the new version.

4 New Things In The One Punch Man 196 RevisionOne of the monster subjects asked for the experiment to continue (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

3. Blast immediately evacuated the Hero Association headquarters as soon as he felt danger

4 New Things In The One Punch Man 196 RevisionBlast opens a dimensional portal (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Unlike the old version where Saitama and the others didn’t get into trouble while at headquarters, in this version, they immediately received attacks from the enemy.

Blast first felt this when Flashy said he doubted that Empty Void wasn’t the type that was easy to catch alive.

As soon as he felt danger approaching them, Blast immediately used force to open a portal of a size capable of swallowing the entire Hero Association headquarters.

This moment seems to show that the scale of Blast’s power is quite powerful because the reach of the portal alone can swallow a giant building.

4. It is revealed that Empty Void just attacked them with Dimension Blade

4 New Things In The One Punch Man 196 RevisionEmpty Void slash marks in the Hero Association headquarters area (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Blast’s decision to evacuate the base turned out to be the right choice.

After the danger had passed, he returned the base to its original position, where this time the entire area seemed to have been hit by a series of giant slashes.

Saitama even commented that this felt like Tatsumaki’s doing.

When the bald hero asked Blast if he could win, the man only answered that he would find his own way.

It could be said that this moment shows that Empty Void really cannot be taken lightly considering that in the old version, he seemed easily defeated by a hero at Blast’s level.

That is the list of new things in the revised chapter 196 One Punch Man.

What do you think?

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