44% of Anime Fans Admit to Having Fallen in Love with an Anime Character

44% Of Anime Fans Admit To Having Fallen In Love With An Anime Character Chainsaw Man Himeno

Polygon conducted a survey on the growing prominence of anime in American popular culture. The entertainment website interviewed over 4,000 American adults to explore the increasing influence of anime and its presence in various aspects of American entertainment. Recently published, the analysis highlights the power of anime across audiences of all ages.

According to the research, only 3% of Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) engage with anime on a weekly basis, but an impressive 42% of Generation Z participants (born between 1996 and 2012) actively immerse themselves in anime regularly. These findings indicate that anime has surpassed established cultural norms, such as the NFL, among younger audiences.

The survey emphasizes the diversity of the fan base, reflecting a broader representation of ethnicities and sexual orientations in the American population. African-Americans make up 17% of the anime fan audience, surpassing their representation in the general population, while 27% of anime fans identify as LGBTQ+. Asian-Americans, constituting 10% of the surveyed audience, are more pronounced among Generation Z (13% are Asian) and continue with Baby Boomers (10%), surprisingly surpassing Generation X (8%).

The research also reveals the deep emotional resonance that anime has for its viewers. Almost two-thirds of anime enthusiasts from Generation Z express a stronger emotional connection with anime than traditional media, citing rich storylines and character depth as key factors.

44% Of Anime Fans Admit To Having Fallen In Love With An Anime Character Episodio 20 De Jujutsu Kaisen

The research indicates that 44% of anime fans admit to having fallen in love with an anime character at some point.

Regular viewers report primarily consuming anime from conventional platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, although Crunchyroll and Funimation are also making a significant impact despite their smaller user bases. Among Generation Z viewers, Crunchyroll emerges as the second most popular platform. Over half of Generation Z anime fans acknowledge its impact on their daily habits, from fashion choices to social interactions. This influx reflects the cultural importance previously attributed to iconic shows like “Friends.”

The most striking data from the survey reveals that 44% of anime fans admit to having had a “crush” on animated characters at some point. This finding sparked a heated debate among fans on social media, where they shared their experiences and opinions on “falling in love” with anime characters. The community openly expresses how these emotional connections impact their appreciation of the genre and how these experiences are an integral part of their relationship with anime:

    • “I also have a crush on many characters.”
    • “What do you mean by ‘love’? Makima and I are married and happy.”
    • “I’m part of that 44%, and it’s definitely growing.”

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