5 Exciting Things from the Appearance of the New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12

5 Hal Seru Dari Munculnya Shadow Monarch Baru Solo Leveling Episode 12

After winning against Igris, Jin-Woo must go through the final test, namely surviving the waves of attacks from the monster knights. It was here that he began to reap the rewards of his struggles so far.

What interesting things happened while Jin-Woo was carrying out his mission? Here’s the list!

1. Jin-Woo had a hard time dealing with the waves of monsters

5 Exciting Things From The Appearance Of The New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12Jin-Woo had difficulty defeating the soldiers (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Jin-Woo’s situation was initially in a difficult position because he had to fight a large horde of monster knights. In fact, he himself was still tired after fighting Igris.

And sure enough, the young man slowly began to be cornered by a large group of knights. No matter how many times he defeated his enemies, the opposing party’s numbers still did not decrease in the slightest.

As a result, his life began to hang in the balance when one of the knights began to execute him.

2. Jin-Woo was thrown into the penalty zone due to forgetting to do his daily training

5 Exciting Things From The Appearance Of The New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12Jin-Woo prepares to face system punishment (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Luckily, luck was still on Jin-Woo’s side.

Just as the knight began to execute it, Jin-Woo was immediately teleported to the penalty zone. Apparently, he was punished by the system because he forgot to carry out his daily training mission.

Thanks to that, Jin-Woo was able to access the shop again and buy items to restore himself. He also managed to buy a weapon that would solve his problem with the armored monster, Knight Killer.

The Knight Killer itself is known to be a weapon that can provide extra damage to armored monsters.

Not only that, Jin-Woo also managed to recover levelling thanks to the arrival of giant centipede monsters who wanted to eat him.

3. Jin-Woo began to reverse the situation and succeeded in destroying the monster knights and wizards

5 Exciting Things From The Appearance Of The New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12Joohee saw Sung Jin-Woo running in the hospital yard (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

After preparing himself better, Jin-Woo finally managed to put up a better fight than before.

Knight monsters that were initially difficult to injure can now be cut into several pieces thanks to the Knight Killer effect. However, the number itself apparently still has not decreased even though Jin-Woo has killed many of these monsters.

From there, he began to understand that it was the work of a wizard who summoned them with a magic gate.

Jin-Woo also changed his plan by targeting all the magicians directly. Thanks to that, he managed to reduce the number of enemies and complete the final task of the job change mission.

4. Jin-Woo is promoted to Shadow Monarch

5 Exciting Things From The Appearance Of The New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12The power of the Shadow Monarch penetrates Jin-Woo’s body (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

After finishing the battle, Jin-Woo finally got access to activate his newest job.

The problem was, he didn’t expect that the job he received was necromancer. Even though all this time, Jin-Woo trained himself as an assassin. However, because it was a rare type of job, the young man accepted it after being inspired by a knight summoning wizard.

Unexpectedly, the system also notified that Jin-Woo had succeeded in fulfilling the requirements for direct promotion. In other words, he will get a job at a higher level than necromancer.

And sure enough, he was promoted to Shadow Monarch.

5. For the first time, Jin-Woo finally has his own army

5 Exciting Things From The Appearance Of The New Shadow Monarch Solo Leveling Episode 12Jin-Woo and his new troops (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

After becoming Shadow Monarch, Jin-Woo began to be able to detect the souls of which creatures could be resurrected.

He also tried Shadow Monarch skills, one of which was raising monsters to become his own army. Jin-Woo himself set his command words with the words “rise”.

As predicted, the knights and wizards that Jin-Woo had previously killed rose to become his new troops.

Jin-Woo himself thought about getting a shadow from an S-rank hunter class creature. His thoughts immediately focused on Igris who was still lying.

But unfortunately, Igris himself seems difficult to resurrect. Jin-Woo lost two of the three opportunities to resurrect the creature.

However, after asking Igris to serve him, Jin-Woo managed to resurrect him and give the knight a name.

Thus, Jin-Woo is now a hunter who has his own private army.

That’s a list of interesting things that happened when Jin-Woo was chosen to become Shadow Monarch.

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