5 Interesting Things from Jura and Hidari’s Arrival in Boruto: TBV Chapter 8

5 Hal Menarik Dari Kedatangan Jura Dan Hidari Di Boruto: Tbv Bab 8

Konoha began to be thrown into chaos again after the god tree clones began to move. Unmitigated, those who came were Jura and Hidari who looked very strong in their group.

What’s the situation in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 8? Here’s the discussion!

1. Both of them appeared from Tsumeaka’s back moving towards Konoha

5 Interesting Things From Jura And Hidari'S Arrival In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 8Jura and Hidari appear from Tsumeaka (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

This moment started after Jura was satisfied reading the book.

Feeling that the time had come, Jura stuck his head into the black box behind him. Well, that object apparently connected the coordinates of the location of the god tree clones to Tsumeaka who was shown running.

From the portal on Tsumeaka’s back, Jura checked the situation outside and then took Hidari out.

And sure enough, the two of them immediately arrived in front of the Konoha village gate.

2. It was revealed that the chakra data on the God Tree clone was similar to the host it absorbed

5 Interesting Things From Jura And Hidari'S Arrival In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 8The moment of Hidari and Jura’s arrival in Ino and Shikamaru’s dialogue (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

While talking with Ino, Shikamaru received a warning that there was an intruder in the village.

Well, there is something interesting that the clones have never shown before.

Well, based on incoming reports, Hidari’s chakra data is completely identical to Sasuke’s.

This case reminds us of the Zetsu clones in the 4th Shinobi World War era where they could imitate the appearance and shape of the chakra so that even the Byakugan eye had difficulty identifying the difference between Zetsu and the host it imitated.

Fortunately, the divine tree clones had no tendency to disguise themselves and preferred to act as themselves.

3. Jura even took the time to stop by a used bookstore

5 Interesting Things From Jura And Hidari'S Arrival In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 8Jura stops by the bookstore (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

As we know, Jura seems obsessed with knowledge to the point that he spends most of his time reading books.

Even though he was focused on looking for Naruto, Jura was immediately distracted when he came across a used book shop in the village.

In fact, he was amazed to see the collection of books piled up there and said that this was a meeting he could not have imagined before.

4. Kawaki was defeated by Jura easily

5 Interesting Things From Jura And Hidari'S Arrival In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 8Kawaki was hit by Jurai’s attack (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

Jura’s moment of pleasure immediately ended as Kawaki attacked Hidari with his black iron rod. Not only Kawaki, Delta also appears.

Knowing this, Jura warned him not to make a mess in front of the shop because he didn’t want his favorite treasure to be damaged. He immediately attacked Kawaki by creating a tree that ensnared the young man and kicked him directly.

However, Kawaki managed to dodge with Sukunahikona and used his Shinobi-Ware to attack.

However, Jura immediately ended the fight with a hard punch that sent Kawaki flying and crashing into a water tank.

5. The chakra that Jura thought was Naruto was… Himawari’s chakra?

5 Interesting Things From Jura And Hidari'S Arrival In Boruto: Tbv Chapter 8Jura looks at Himawari (Doc. Shueisha / Boruto: TBV)

As soon as the battle was over, Jura immediately detected the source of the chakra he was targeting and moved to that location.

Surprisingly, this actually leads Jura and Hidari to where Himawari is.

Jura himself was shocked to see this.

Jura was initially convinced that the chakra he felt was Naruto’s chakra. The thing is, he knows that Naruto is a Jinchuriki, the container of the Bijuu. Since Jura was the incarnation of Bijuu, he thought he could recognize the chakra in Naruto.

But what he found instead was Himawari. The child who wasn’t supposed to be a Jinchuriki.

The question is whether Himawari really harbors the same potential as her father or is there something else that makes Jura happen to feel like Naruto is there? This may only be answered in the next chapter.

That is a discussion of interesting things at the moment Jura and Hidari arrived in Konoha on Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 8.

What do you think?

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