5 Interesting Things from the Final Episode of Season 1 of Solo Leveling

5 Hal Menarik Dari Episode Terakhir Season 1 Solo Leveling

On Sunday (31/3/2024), anime Solo Leveling The story officially ends in episode 12. Here, there are a number of interesting things that happen throughout the story, such as Jin-Woo successfully completing the mission and the terrible reality about ants from Jeju Island.

What are the interesting things in the last episode of season 1 Solo Leveling?

1. Jin-Woo successfully completes the mission and becomes Shadow Monarch

5 Interesting Things From The Final Episode Of Season 1 Of Solo LevelingJin-Woo and his new troops (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

After defeating Igris in episode 11, this time Jin-Woo had to face waves of attacks from monsters that continued to appear without stopping within a certain time limit.

He himself was overwhelmed and almost died in the battle. Fortunately, his mistake of missing daily training actually brought blessings where Jin-Woo managed to escape into the penalty zone for a while.

Thanks to that, he was able to prepare himself and successfully complete the exam so he was entitled to a rare job from the necromancer class, Shadow Monarch.

With this job, Jin-Woo can resurrect dead monsters to use as his own troops.

2. Go Gunhee and Woo Jinchul talked about the raid on Jeju Island

5 Interesting Things From The Final Episode Of Season 1 Of Solo LevelingGo Gunhee and Woo Jinchul chat about the Jeju raid (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

While looking at the operation application file from the Hunters guild, Go Gunhee remembered the tragic incident during the third raid on Jeju Island. However, he didn’t know much considering that he had already retired when the incident occurred.

Therefore, he asked Woo Jinchul about this, who at that time was participating as a perimeter guard at the contact point.

From there, we can know that the raid that appeared at the beginning of the story actually ended tragically.

Many hunters died during that incident, as Choi Jong-In saw in his dream. Meanwhile, those who survive will suffer great emotional wounds.

3. Jin-Ah is still waiting for her brother to return

5 Interesting Things From The Final Episode Of Season 1 Of Solo LevelingJin-Ah fell asleep after waiting for her brother (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

In yesterday’s episode, Jin-Ah made dinner assuming her sister would only come home too late.

However, after waiting for a long time, Jin-Woo himself did not come home.

Jin-Ah even thought that her brother didn’t come home because he already had a girlfriend out there. He himself needed Jin-Woo’s presence because on that day there would also be a meeting between teachers and parents.

4. Choi Jong-In apologized for making Cha Hae-In uncomfortable with the current situation

5 Interesting Things From The Final Episode Of Season 1 Of Solo LevelingCha Hae-In and his colleagues (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

The Hunters Guild which was previously shown to have departed is now starting to reach the destination point.

At that time, Choi Jong-In apologized to Cha Hae-In, who had to cover his nose because he took her to a place that made the girl uncomfortable. This was not surprising because the female hunter was very sensitive to the stench emitted by both monsters and hunters.

Cha Hae-In himself did not have a problem with this because he understood the conditions his boss was experiencing.

Well, at that time, the pilot told the two of them that he had caught something strange in the waters.

5. Choi Jong-In and Cha Hae-In discovered that there were ants that had evolved

5 Interesting Things From The Final Episode Of Season 1 Of Solo LevelingWinged ant carcasses (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

The source of the pilot’s findings was completely unexpected.

Well, the source in question turned out to be a dead ant floating in the ocean.

What made both Cha Hae-In and Choi Jong-In very surprised was that the monster turned out to have wings on its body. Even though they had always known that this monster was not originally the type that could fly.

In other words, they had just encountered an evolved monster.

That’s the list of interesting things in the last episode Solo Leveling season 1.

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