5 Kages in Naruto Who Made Wrong Decisions

5 Kage Di Naruto Yang Membuat Keputusan Salah

Kages in the series Naruto is the highest authority in a ninja village who makes decisions about many things.

However, not all decisions are good, there are also wrong decisions that have an impact on the future, what are they and who are they?

1. Tobirama – Second Hokage

5 Kages In Naruto Who Made Wrong DecisionsPierrot Studios/Naruto Shippuden

Tobirama served to replace his older brother and he served when the ninja village was involved in the World War, therefore he also died in the First Ninja World War.

He made a lot of them jutsuninja system, and organization, but some are problematic.

For example when he makes Edo Tensei and also when he made the Uchiha clan the Police in Konoha which made them ostracized.

2. Hiruzen – Third Hokage

5 Kages In Naruto Who Made Wrong Decisionscrunchyroll.com/naruto

Hiruzen Sarutobi served as Sandaime Hokage or Third Hokage after he was chosen by Tobirama directly. He is a student of Hashirama and Tobirama, as well as the first class of the Konoha ninja academy.

The most noticeable wrong decision he made was that he took so long to make a decision regarding the conflict with the Uchiha that Danzo and Itachi acted alone. Leaving Danzo free was also the wrong decision.

Apart from that, he didn’t raise Naruto properly so Naruto had a quite difficult childhood.

3. Rasa – Fourth Kazekage

5 Kages In Naruto Who Made Wrong Decisionscrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Rasa is the father of Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara who is the Fourth Kazekage or Yondaime Kazekage who is famous for his golden sand.

However, to make Shukaku remain a village weapon and still be monitored, he tried to match his children as

As Kazekage, Rasa was not a good leader because in his era Suna was considered less competent as a ninja village, even his own country, the Wind Country, did not believe in the quality of Suna’s ninjas. He died betrayed by Orochimaru.

4. Third Mizukage

5 Kages In Naruto Who Made Wrong Decisionscrunchyroll.com/narutoshippuden

The Third Mizukage or Sandaime Mizukage is the most mysterious and his information is unknown compared to the other Mizukage.

But from the flashback in BorutoYagura Karatachi (Mizukage Fourth) forced to join the sadistic system in their village, where Ninja Academy students had to kill each other in order to graduate, this system still continued in Yagura’s era.

Since Yagura experienced it too, it’s likely that this system has existed since that era Mizukage Third and make Kiri into a sadistic and bloody village.

5. Onoki – Tsuchikage

5 Kages In Naruto Who Made Wrong Decisionscrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Onoki is Kages who has served the longest as well Kages which also feels very old fashioned with its decisions.

For example, he uses Akatsuki’s services because they are cheap and the results are good.

However, he made the wrong decision when creating artificial humans and clones, for example Lord Ku who controlled Iwa and made Onoki die.

That’s Kage’s decision which will become a problem in the future, is there anything else? Write in the comments column, OK?

Article first published on October 15, 2023, re-released on March 31, 2024.

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