5 Moments that Confirm Luffy is Worthy of Being Called Yonko in One Piece!

5 Momen Yang Menegaskan Luffy Layak Disebut Yonko Di One Piece!

Monkey D. Luffy is ready Yonko in One Piece Now.

In the past, when he was said to be worthy of being “Yonko Fifth,” Luffy may feel like he’s still not strong enough to become an emperor.

Now the situation is different.

Here are five moments that confirm Luffy is worth mentioning Yonko in One Piece!

1. Can beat Kaido, one person Yonko outstanding

5 Moments That Confirm Luffy Is Worthy Of Being Called Yonko In One Piece!Luffy’s Bajrang Gun hits Kaido. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

One of the moments that confirms Luffy is worth mentioning Yonko yes, Kaido’s victory.

Kaido is one of the toughest characters in One Piece.

In fact, he still feels harder to hurt than an admiral like Kizaru, or a former admiral like Kuzan.

What ultimately brought him down was… Bajrang Gun Luffy!

Capable of knocking someone out Yonko who is so tough, Luffy deserves to be mentioned Yonko.

2. CP0 was hesitant to fight him

5 Moments That Confirm Luffy Is Worthy Of Being Called Yonko In One Piece!Luffy and Lucci duel second round. (mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/One Piece)

Chapter 1069 shows that Luffy has also been counted as Yonko by CP0.

Kaku conveyed it to Lucci in that chapter, because Luffy was ready Yonkothey can’t fight it without orders from superiors.

Stussy said that Yonko They have supporters under them, so just a small conflict can break out into war.

Although, in the end, Luffy and Lucci still fight.

3. Known as the leader of a fleet of 5600 people, and can also increase his allies

5 Moments That Confirm Luffy Is Worthy Of Being Called Yonko In One Piece!The Straw Hat Grand Fleet exchanges cups of sake. (Toei Animation/One Piece)

If you look at the narrative in chapter 1058, Luffy is now known as the leader of a fleet of 5600 people, even though he has not yet summoned the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

That being said, Luffy’s allies seem to be increasing.

Dorry, Broggy, and the Giant Warrior Pirates have come to help him get to Egghead.

It would be crazy if other parties who supported Nika would help her. Luffy’s fleet could increase even more.

As already highlighted in point 2, according to Stussy, Yonko it has supporters under them. Even a small conflict can lead to war.

The arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates to Egghead, who destroyed many Navy ships to help Luffy escape Egghead, seems to confirm that this is true.

4. In form Gear 5Luffy was able to defeat Lucci easily

5 Moments That Confirm Luffy Is Worthy Of Being Called Yonko In One Piece!(Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

A number Yonko had moments when they easily beat strong enemies.

For example, Big Mom, who once felt unstoppable on Whole Cake Island and became a threat again on Onigashima. Even Ancient Zoan like Page One, he KOs easily.

Or Kaido, who once won against Luffy, Eustass Kid, in part Akazaya Nine and Izo, as well as many other names.

Or Shanks, who once defeated Eustass Kid easily.

The moment in chapter 1070, where Gear 5 Luffy defeated Lucci relatively easily, confirming that even a fighter of Lucci’s level is now not enough to defeat Luffy.

Even though Lucci was a big threat in the Enies Lobby arc, which Luffy had to face to the end!

5. He can take down an admiral

5 Moments That Confirm Luffy Is Worthy Of Being Called Yonko In One Piece!Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Star Gun on Kizaru. (mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/One Piece)

Sabaody and Marineford’s plot emphasizes that Kizaru is dangerous.

In the past, Rayleigh being able to restrain Kizaru from hunting the Straw Hats alone felt like an extraordinary achievement.

But in Egghead, Gear 5 able to take down Kizaru.

Kizaru was then able to get up again, but he still couldn’t move for some time because he was hit by Luffy’s fist.

This moment also confirms that Luffy was not boasting in chapter 1091, when he said he was 100 times stronger than before. He really is that strong.

If Kizaru can be beaten, the only admiral who can fight Luffy in a duel is Sakazuki.

So, those are five moments that confirm Luffy’s mention Yonko.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments column!

Article first published on February 23, 2024, re-released on March 29, 2024.

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