5 New Things in One Punch Man Chapter 200 Revised Version

5 Hal Baru di One Punch Man Bab 200 Versi Revisi 

After going through the Golden Week holiday in Japan, finally the manga One Punch Man returns to continue the revised story where Flashy and Sonic must face the source of their problems directly, the Empty Void.

What new things have happened? Here’s the list!

1. Sonic feels that Flashy has developed rapidly thanks to interactions with a number of superior fighters

Flashy's development thanks to battles with strong figures - One Punch ManFlashy’s development thanks to battles with strong figures (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

After their victory over Empty Void’s underlings, Sonic had time to reflect on Flashy’s incredible development.

He himself feels that he has become stronger thanks to a number of battles with Saitama in the past. However, the results were still not comparable to the growth of his childhood friend.

From there, Sonic couldn’t imagine what kind of opponents Flashy had fought during his career as a hero.

So, there we are shown several characters, namely Black Sperm, Garou, and Saitama himself.

2. Sonic started to become suspicious of Flashy after their moment of victory

Sonic suspects Flashy - One Punch ManSonic suspects Flashy (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Well, apparently there is still one enemy ninja who is still conscious.

He said that Sonic and Flashy could not be compared to Empty Void, who was claimed to be able to release a barrage of ninjutsu to the point where he was thought to be using genjutsu.

Therefore, the enemy said that Sonic and Flashy should just give up because there was no way to escape once they were targeted by the Empty Void.

When Sonic said that they would be hunted, Flashy appeared to have a dark expression that made his childhood friend suspicious.

3. Empty Void managed to make a surprise attack on Flashy and Sonic without them realizing

Flashy panics when Sonic falls into the Empty Void - One Punch Man's trapFlashy panics when Sonic falls into the Empty Void trap (Doc. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

And sure enough, when Flashy asked Sonic to do something… the original immediately panicked because his partner was starting to fall under the influence of the illusion.

This is surprising because it means, we have seen Sonic starting to fall into the Empty Void trap without realizing it from the start.

This moment is very different from the old version, where Empty Void instead appeared openly and fought openly with Flashy Flash before trapping him with a genjutsu effect.

4. Sonic is affected by the God box first when holding it

Sonic is affected by the God box - One Punch ManSonic is affected by the God box (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

So, because you are holding God’s black box directly, the effect immediately works where we can see the electrical effects that start to strike parts of Sonic’s brain.

If you remember again, the sequence of events in the latest version is also different. In the old version, Sonic only came into contact with the God box after Flashy was affected first.

The method is also different from before, where Sonic only got hit by the God box when trying to save Flashy.

5. Flashy is affected by God’s influence when Empty Void attaches a black box to his chest

Flashy falls under the influence of the black box - One Punch ManFlashy falls under the influence of the black box (Dok. tonarinoyj.jp/One Punch Man)

Just like Sonic, Flashy also experiences contact with the God box in a different way.

In the new version, Flashy is affected by this object while trying to save Sonic. The way of contact also changes, with Empty Void forcibly attaching the box to Flashy’s chest.

Meanwhile, in the old version, Empty Void immediately pointed the God box directly in front of Flashy’s face.

That’s the list of new things inside One Punch Man chapter 200 revised version.

What do you think?

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