5 New Things in Solo Leveling Episode 11 that Are Not in the Manhwa

5 Hal Baru Di Solo Leveling Episode 11 Yang Tak Ada Di Manhwa

Apart from highlighting Jin-Woo in the job change quest mission, episode 11 of the anime Solo Leveling is known to include a number of new things that are not in the manhwa version. One of them is Choi Jong-In’s preparations for the Jeju Island raid.

What’s new at Solo Leveling episode 11 which isn’t in the manhwa? Here’s the list!

1. Yoo Jinho’s family meeting

5 New Things In Solo Leveling Episode 11 That Are Not In The ManhwaJinho and his father prepare for dinner (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

The original moment of the anime begins with Yoo Jinho meeting his family.

At first, the atmosphere felt awkward when Yoo Myunghan was engrossed in his drink, while Jinho remained stiffly silent. Not long after, his older brother named Jingsung appeared.

From there, Jingsung had time to report on the progress of building his guild where he succeeded in establishing contact with hunters abroad such as Europe and the Middle East. Even Hwang Dongsoo’s name was mentioned.

2. The moment when Woo Jinchul and Go Gunhee are still working overtime

5 New Things In Solo Leveling Episode 11 That Are Not In The ManhwaGo Gunhee and Woo Jinchul work overtime at the association office (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Apart from Jinho’s family, the executives of the Korean Hunter Association are also in the spotlight again.

Go Gunhee is shown still busy finishing all his work on his laptop until Woo Jinchul visits him.

When asked why he hadn’t gone home yet, Go Gunhee himself answered that he still wanted to finish all his work that had piled up.

Hearing this, Woo Jinchul also agreed and even said that he had finished all the tasks that should have been completed later.

3. Choi Jong-In and Go Gunhee’s conversation

5 New Things In Solo Leveling Episode 11 That Are Not In The ManhwaChoi Jong-In contacted the chairman of the association (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

After Go Gunhee and Woo Jinchul’s conversation, the chairman of the association was suddenly contacted by someone.

The caller was apparently Choi Jong-In, the guild master of the Hunters. He himself called the chairman of the association to express his gratitude for Go Gunhee’s approval in preparing the Jeju Island raid operation.

Go Gunhee himself advised Choi Jong-In to be careful because Jeju Island is now a very dangerous place.

4. Jin-Ah made bread for her sister

5 New Things In Solo Leveling Episode 11 That Are Not In The ManhwaJin-Ah’s message stuck to the sandwich he made (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

While Jin-Woo was still fighting against the monsters, Jin-Ah was known to have finished cooking her sister’s dinner.

He was shown making sandwiches and writing a message on the plastic wrapper if he kept his dinner in the refrigerator.

After her cooking task was finished, Jin-Ah returned to continuing her study activities.

5. The Hunters Guild prepares to raid Jeju Island

5 New Things In Solo Leveling Episode 11 That Are Not In The ManhwaHunters Guild prepares to raid (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Choi Jong-In’s talk, which has been a topic of discussion for a long time, is finally starting to come true.

Together with his elite members including Cha Hae-In, Choi Jong-In is preparing to go to Jeju Island, the location where he lost his comrades in the last raid incident he carried out.

But this time, Choi Jong-In was not carrying out a full attack. This time the raid was confirmed for the purpose of measuring the abilities of the hunters and the strength of the enemy troops while providing a few attacks.

That’s the list of new things in episode 11 of the anime Solo Leveling which is not in the manhwa.

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