5 Story Information in Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly by Kishimoto

5 Info Cerita Di Naruto Yang Diubah Mendadak Oleh Kishimoto

It’s called an anime and manga series, so there must be continuity or consistency, especially a series that runs for years.

Usually the creator has conceptualized the framework of the story and already has a story foundation that needs to be developed.

However, there are also cases where the story or information in the series is suddenly changed by the creator, usually because it starts to not fit with the course of the story or to expand the story.

Kishimoto is the same, here are 5 important pieces of information Naruto which was changed suddenly by Kishimoto afterwards.

1. Kurama and Shukaku were originally two monsters from different classes

5 Story Information In Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly By Kishimotonetflix.com/Naruto

If you don’t know, Kishimoto really likes characters in the form of animals or monsters, that’s why he makes monsters Naruto.

But initially Kurama and Shukaku were two monsters from different classes, even terms Bijuu not really used in the beginning of the story.

It’s true that Kurama was summoned Kyuubi or Nine Tails, indicating that there were other tailed beasts, but not at that time, the name was intended and referenced from mythology Kyuubi no Kitsune aka Nine-Tailed Fox in Japan.

This is also shown by Shukaku’s initial appearance which is very subtle BijuuFor example, Gaara is in the form of a robe chakrasis it different or Shukaku doesn’t use it Bijuu-dama. Not to mention that Shukaku was normal when he saw Kurama come out of Naruto’s body, as if he didn’t know him.

2. Concept “Jinchuuriki” which only appeared recently

5 Story Information In Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly By Kishimototwitter.com/shonenjump

Yes, it is true that Akatsuki was introduced when Naruto was little and their mission was to capture Naruto who had the Nine Tails monster in his body.

But concept Jinchuuriki or people whose bodies are used as vessels Bijuu it only appears at the end of little Naruto and peaks at the beginning Shippuden.

Previously Naruto had never been referenced at all Jinchuuriki because previously the concept was not like this.

3. Limitations Chidori And Raikiri which is inconsistent

5 Story Information In Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly By Kishimotonetflix.com/naruto

Used to be in Naruto small, there are several jutsu which is conceptualized as a powerful and dangerous technique so there is a limit to its use per day.

In Naruto small, Sasuke can only use Chidori twice a day because of eating chakras which is a lot, while Kakashi can only use Raikiri four times a day for the same reason.

In Shippuden, this limitation seemed to be thrown away because Sasuke and Kakashi seemed to no longer have any limits to using this technique. Just whatever they like and according to the needs of the story.

It’s possible that Sasuke and Kakashi have become stronger over the past 2 years, but there are limits chakras That person remains the reason why these two techniques are limited in daily use, so this change also feels sudden.

4. Naruto’s concept from a weak, hardworking child to a “Descendant of God”

5 Story Information In Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly By KishimotoEditing Naruto and Sasuke scenes in the anime. (Doc. Pierrot/Naruto Shippuden)

If I can comment honestly, this is the change in concept and info that I like the least in the series Naruto.

Initially Naruto Uzumaki was introduced as a child who suffered, was weak, had nothing, but he tried hard to become stronger with his efforts. This is an okay and very concept shonen.

Moment shonen here is when he trains the Kurama power within his body into his own power.

But since Otsutsuki was introduced, everything has changed. It turns out that Naruto is destined to have great power because he is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki!

5. Kaguya who appeared out of nowhere and became the final enemy

5 Story Information In Naruto That Was Changed Suddenly By Kishimotocrunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

This is also a story and information that seems to have been changed suddenly, either to lengthen the story, expand the story by featuring Otsutsuki, or want to make Madara “forgiven” at the end of the series because he was also used.

This is how it should be plot twists but many people don’t like it. Madara was initially conceptualized as the final enemy who was dangerous and strong, we are very sure that he will be the final enemy of the story.

Suddenly, it turns out that Madara, who was using Obito and Nagato, was also being used by Kaguya. Then the new character Kaguya Otsutsuki appears who becomes the final enemy of the series.

In your opinion, what other story information is there? Naruto which was suddenly changed by Kishimoto? Write your opinion in the comments column, OK?

First published March 26, 2022, republished March 31, 2024.

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