6 Bad Things That Could Happen if Danzo Becomes Hokage in Naruto

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Naruto

Konoha experienced a downturn after Pain’s invasion. Tsunade, as Hokage The five at that time were unconscious until the leadership position in Konoha became vacant.

Name shinobi greats like Hatake Kakashi are predicted to be the next successor. Even so, Konoha’s elders had different thoughts, until finally Danzo Shimura was chosen Hokage temporary.

This is an old story, and Danzo himself committed suicide during his fight with Sasuke. But what if Sasuke didn’t plan to disrupt the five’s meeting Kages and Danzo remained alive as Hokage? The following are the events that would occur if Danzo really became Hokage Sixth.

1. Tsunade’s death

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/naruto-shippuden

Tsunade was not really dead at that time. Sannin This legendary just fell unconscious because he ran out chakras after his fight to protect Konoha from Pain’s attack.

Then why is the first point Tsunade’s death? Danzo is a cunning person who has prepared his strategy well, even several steps ahead. If he wanted his plan to go smoothly, that was to be Hokage and leads Konoha according to his own way, then it must be confirmed that Tsunade’s death really happened.

This old man can use his power and of course troops Root who is loyal to carry out murders in secret on Hokage The five were unconscious at that time. Tsunade was helpless, and Konoha was in ruins.

Carrying out this mission doesn’t seem too difficult, considering that Danzo was the person responsible behind the massacre of the Uchiha clan, and it has remained a secret until now.

2. Hyuga clan massacre

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

At meeting five KagesAo, one of the bodyguards of Mizukage uncovering Danzo’s rottenness there. He revealed Danzo’s secret to Kages Another thing, namely his right eye which turned out to be Uchiha Shisui’s eye, and at that time Danzo was controlling Mifune.

Of course what Ao said was not a joke, Danzo really had Shisui’s eyes genjutsu greatest. Ao knew it because all this time, Ao’s right eye was Byakugan from the Hyuga clan.

After his secret was discovered, Danzo was cornered and he said that it was a shame because of the eyes Byakugan could fall into the hands of another village. The traitor to the village (Hyuga clan) must receive punishment, and that person must die as soon as possible.

If Danzo had said something, then he would do it. It is possible that for this reason, Danzo could gather troops to massacre the Hyuga clan. Of course the Hyuga clan will not just give in. Civil war broke out in Konoha.

3. The civil war that occurs could be big

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

What if Danzo doesn’t succeed in killing Tsunade? For example Hokage the woman had regained consciousness, and fully recovered. Knowing Danzo’s evil intentions all this time, will Tsunade stay silent? Certainly not.

Danzo himself had his goal in sight. There can be no failure, even if his hands are covered in the blood of the Konoha ninja. War will definitely happen, of course to fight for the title Hokage.

It is true that if Tsunade wakes up before Danzo is officially inaugurated, then power will return to Tsunade. But if he woke up a little late, precisely after Danzo was inaugurated, it seemed like this matter wouldn’t end so easily.

Tsunade’s supporters will definitely join in and do various things to overthrow the power of Danzo, who at that time had just taken office. Attempted murder for Hokage Fifth could be the trigger.

Danzo’s side cannot be underestimated. Root also contains great shinobi. This organization itself has many secret and dangerous techniques, which have even been carried over into the Boruto era. (Gozu Tenno for example). Civil war in the midst of Konoha’s decline could occur and add to the chaos.

4. Danzo can prevent Naruto from joining the war

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Unlike Tsunade, Danzo’s heart will not melt easily.

Naruto couldn’t help himself after practicing the control method chakras The Nine Tails, and finds out that there is a war going on out there. Naruto and Killer Bee rebelled and forced themselves to leave for the battlefield.

In the original story, Tsunade and Raikage confronted them, but Tsunade was on Naruto’s side, and ready to fight Raikage. What if Tsunade’s position was replaced by Danzo? Danzo would not be discouraged by Naruto’s attitude.

Combined with Raikage stubborn, then the fight between Danzo and Raikage fighting Naruto and Killer Bee will really happen. It’s even possible that Danzo used Shisui’s eyes to force Naruto to calm down and listen to his orders.

What’s worse, Danzo could have thought about killing Naruto right then and there so that the Nine Tails would die too and Akatsuki’s plan would fail (or at least injure Naruto very seriously), considering Raikage also have the same thoughts.

5. It is possible that Naruto does not master the power of the Nine Tails

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

Danzo had always thought that Jinchuriki is a tool or weapon to protect the village. Of course his thinking hasn’t changed. He would force Naruto to stay in the village before the war started, no matter what.

The war will continue, but Danzo remains firm in his stance Jinchuriki not allowed to leave the village. The great war began without Naruto.

Naruto was likely hidden by Danzo in some way, but did not take him to train with Killer Bee. If this really happens, then all hope is lost for the Shinobi alliance to win the war against Akatsuki and Kabuto.

6. Alliance shinobi guaranteed to lose

6 Bad Things That Could Happen If Danzo Becomes Hokage In Narutocrunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

If the plan really goes smoothly, it’s not just the position Hokage his own, but also the leader of the Alliance Shinobi.

Returning to the previous point, Naruto will not be able to master the power of the Nine Tails or be injured by Danzo and Raikage. We all know that the deciding point for the Shinobi alliance’s victory in the original story was because Naruto rebelled and helped in the war, until finally the war was won by shinobi.

What if not? First, many ninjas died because of White Zetsu in disguise. Even sensor ninjas with great abilities cannot track and find the difference between Zetsu and real people.

Second, a crisis of trust between fellow shinobi alliances. This could be due to the Zetsu problem, or internal problems between villages.

The third possibility is Edo Tensei dangerous as Raikage Third, or Tsuchikage the second would be difficult to seal and still threaten the alliance.

Of all, the most critical was Obito’s success in resurrecting the Ten Tails, because Naruto at that time was no match for him (could not use the power of the Nine Tails or could but was seriously injured by the Raikage and Danzo). The outline of the fifth point is that the destruction of the ninja world will easily happen.

Those are the worst possibilities of Danzo Shimura’s election as Hokage. For the author himself, Danzo is a character who has a firm stance in protecting the village, but his methods are wrong.

How? Maybe you have your own theory about bad events that could happen if Danzo takes office Hokage? Please write your opinion in the comments section!

Article first published on February 7, 2020, re-released on March 28, 2024.

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