6 Facts about Monarch, the Kings of Evil Monsters from Solo Leveling

6 Fakta Monarch, Para Raja Monster Jahat Dari Solo Leveling

Make it follow the story Solo Leveling, You must have heard the term Monarch whenever you talk about Sung Jin-Woo or powerful monsters. Well, the term itself apparently refers to the group of criminals who are the main antagonists in the story.

Who is the real Monarch? Here’s the discussion!

1. Born from the dark side

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingMonarch and Ruler Feud (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Since the beginning of history, Absolute Being was known to divide light and darkness and create each race from both elements.

Monarchs themselves were born from darkness so it is not surprising that most of their natures are so cruel and always want destruction.

Their nature also brings eternal feud with the Ruler group who want to protect the world, including humanity.

2. Each of them is the master of a type of monster race that exists in Solo Leveling

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingAshborn and the Monarchs (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

Unlike the Rulers who look uniform, the Monarchs have their own characteristics that make them different from each other.

One of them is that they present every type of monster that exists. For example, Antares represents the dragon race, Legia represents the giant race, and Rakan is known to be a type of wild animal.

Not just representative symbols, these Monarchs are also recognized as kings of each existing monster race.

3. The strength of each member is much greater than national level hunters

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingJin-Woo succeeded in overthrowing Thomas (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

As an ancient race, the strength of the Monarchs cannot be taken lightly considering that they have been fighting with the Ruler for a very long time.

Each of them alone was able to surpass an S class hunter in terms of pure strength. It’s no wonder that even national level hunters can’t move if they have to fight one of the Monarchs.

So far the only ones who can fight the Monarchs are the Rulers, Sung Il-hwan and Sung Jin-Woo.

4. Unlike Ruler, Monarch actually steals the human body completely

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingAntares takes control of Jin-Wooler’s body (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Even though they have extraordinary powers, Monarchs cannot carelessly descend into the human world because of their existence as spiritual beings.

Therefore, they need a suitable container to be able to intervene in the mortal world.

However, unlike Ruler who chooses to distribute power to selected individuals and let them take control, Monarch actually robs the human body completely.

As a result, Monarchs become much stronger in the human world but with the consequence that they will also die if their container is destroyed.

5. Ashborn is known to be the only Ruler who was accepted as part of the Monarch

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingAshborn against Baran and Rakan (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

In the beginning, there were eight Monarchs, just like Rulers.

However, they began to add a new member, namely Ashborn, who rose to become Shadow Monarch after the death of Absolute Being.

Monarch is known to have immediately accepted the former Ruler considering that at that time they were in a tight situation because his enemy had started using artifacts that had the power of Absolute Being.

6. Destroyed due to the genocide launched by Jin-Woo after the change in history

6 Facts About Monarch, The Kings Of Evil Monsters From Solo LevelingJin-Woo and Antares clash for the second time (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Initially, Monarch was completely eradicated in the final battle incident thanks to the cooperation of Jin-Woo, the hunters and Ruler.

However, because Jin-Woo decided to change history, the Monarchs who had previously died came back to life and knew that the new Shadow Monarch was starting to target their lives.

Luckily, Jin-Woo came fully prepared so he could eradicate all the Monarchs including Antares with his own hands.

That’s a list of interesting facts about Monarch, the main antagonist of the story Solo Leveling.

What do you think?

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