6 Interesting Facts about Ruler, Protector of the Solo Leveling World

6 Fakta Menarik Ruler, Pelindung Dunia Solo Leveling

Apart from the Monarchs, there was another group of superior beings called Rulers. In contrast to Monarchs who are destructive in nature, these Rulers are known to really care about all forms of life, including humanity.

What are some interesting facts about Ruler?

1. Born from the side of light

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldMonarch and Ruler Feud (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

As explained in the discussion about Monarch, initially Absolute Being separated light and darkness and then created two races from these elements.

Well, the Rulers themselves are known to be born from light so they have the innate nature to continue to protect the world and all types of life that exist.

Because of this, they clashed with the Monarchs who continued to want to spread destruction.

2. Playing a role behind the phenomenon of the rise of hunters

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldRuler who met Sung Il-Hwan (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

As we know, the impact of the Monarch and Ruler’s great war was too great for humanity to bear. The Rulers themselves were aware of this.

Therefore, they did everything they could to make human life strong enough to bear the impact of the great war that occurred.

Knowing that it was impossible to save all of humanity, the Rulers decided that only a portion of humanity would live by resurrecting them as hunters.

This then explains why there are only a few humans who can rise while the majority do not experience this.

3. Cause of Absolute Being’s death

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldAbsolute Being, the god who created Monarch and Ruler (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

During the war, the Rulers who were tired of facing the Monarch asked Absolute Being for help to resolve the disaster.

However, Absolute Being is known to have remained silent and not responded to the request. From there, the Rulers realized that the war they were fighting was just entertainment for their own creator.

Disgusted by this reality, the Rulers immediately rebelled and as a result, Absolute Being was killed.

4. The culprit behind the time loop cycle in Solo Leveling

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldThe Ruler uses the Cup of Reincarnation for the last time (DNC Media Doc / Solo Leveling)

This reality emerged in Jin-Woo’s dialogue with Ashborn.

Ashborn explained that the Rulers felt disappointed after learning that Monarch’s troops had succeeded in bringing destruction to the world where humans lived.

In order to prevent this, the Rulers tried to rewind time with a device called the Cup of Reincarnation.

The problem was that the relic’s effect could not affect both the Ruler and the Monarch. As a result, the enemy, who was aware of this, also changed their plans so that their agenda would still be successful.

5. Chooses to share his powers with selected individuals when intervening in the human world

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldThomas Andre (solo-leveling.fandom.com)

If Monarch is known to steal human bodies for himself to be active in the human world, Ruler has other, safer methods.

They choose certain individuals to receive some of the power and let that human take control.

From here, these Ruler groups became known as national level hunters.

Even though it is not as strong as the Monarch method, the method used by the Ruler is proven to be safer because they will still be alive if their human container is destroyed.

6. Had wanted to target Sung Jin-Woo but chose to be his supporter

6 Interesting Facts About Ruler, Protector Of The Solo Leveling WorldJin-Woo gets a system notification (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

As we know, Ashborn was once a Ruler who later sided with the Monarchs in a big war.

When they found out that Ashborn would be born into the human world, the Rulers hurriedly looked for a new envoy to prevent the birth of the Shadow Monarch. And sure enough, the task fell to Sung Il-Hwan.

Fortunately, the Rulers then changed their decision by becoming supporters of Sung Jin-Woo after finding out that the hunter was against the Monarchs.

They even acted as Antares’ executors when they collaborated with the young man during the last war.

That’s a list of interesting facts about the Rulers, the world’s protective race Solo Leveling.

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