6 Manhwa about the Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!

6 Manhwa Tentang Serial Killer Terbaik, Menegangkan!

Manga from South Korea or what is more popularly called manhwa has now become an interesting read when relaxing. This distinctive comic with its more ‘colourful’ appearance is quite iconic with stories related to reincarnation, romance, or kingdom.

Even so, the topics raised in a manhwa are of course now much more varied. There are genres school for those of you who like stories about student life, even the horror genre for readers who like to challenge their own courage.

Well, among this line of horror manhwa, there is a manhwa about serial killer aka serial killer. From the theme alone, this work is clearly intended for mature readers. The reason is, there will be many scenes of violence shown, which even have the potential to trigger feelings of trauma.

This manhwa certainly doesn’t just feature a bloody story without a clear plot. There are other important points explored throughout the plot, and these become the main attraction in the story.

Below we recommend a number of manhwa titles about serial killer the best that you must read if. Listen, come on!

1. Bastards

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Webtoon/ Bastard

The first recommendation comes from a genre topper thriller on WEBTOON web comic reading sites and applications, namely Bastards written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwan Young-chan.

Published throughout 2014 to 2016, manhwa Bastards highlights the life of a boy named Seon Jin. He has a weak body due to the illness he suffers from, and he is even the target of bullies at school.

However, no one thought that Seon Jin was an accomplice of a serial killer at home. This person is none other than his own father, Seon Dongsoo. By his father, Jin was forced to follow his orders and couldn’t do much.

Moreover, Seon Dongsoo, who is a prominent businessman, is known as a kind-hearted figure by the public.

Until one day, Jin’s father began to be interested in Yoon Kyun, who was the only friend Jin had at school. Jin couldn’t stay silent and started rebelling to protect his friend.

2. An Uncomfortable Truth

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Lezhin Comics/ An Uncomfortable Truth

Then, there are manhwa suspension themed psychology which was written and illustrated directly by EErun, namely An Uncomfortable Truth. This manhwa, serialized by Lezhin Comics Webtoon, was first published on November 25 2016 and ended on April 6 2018 with a total of 75 chapters.

The story follows the figure of Nam Yoseob who is known as a quiet child who is always calm. However, that day he was at the police station and was about to be punished for stabbing 8 civilians.

The older brother, Nam Jaeha, is aware of how dangerous Yoseob is, but chooses to remain silent because he doesn’t want to be separated. Until in the end, Yoseob started to endanger the people closest to Jaeha, namely Lee Taeoh and Hwang Yura.

Throughout the story, An Uncomfortable Truth will explore the past story behind Yoseob’s behavior, including his abnormal obsession with Jaeha.

3. Death Row Boy

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Webtoon/ Death Row Boy

Death Row Boy is a manhwa thriller in WEBTOON by Kim Soong Nyung with Gwang San who acts as the illustrator.

Death Row Boy tells the story of a serial killer named Kim Shin. This cold-blooded man is said to only target happy families. So far, 28 families have been recorded as victims.

It doesn’t stop there, Shin’s method of killing was truly sadistic. He would usually torture the parents in the family, then give them the opportunity to sing a lullaby while being tortured if they wanted their child to survive.

It was said that it was impossible for the victim to survive using this method, except for Ji Woo’s father who managed to finish the song and save Ji Woo. As a result, Ji Woo continues to record this traumatic tragedy in her memory, then grows feelings of revenge and the desire to avenge Kim Shin.

4. Unhinged

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Comico/ Unhinged

Manhwa recommendations about serial killer next is Unhinged, manhwa gore And psychology which has been published through Comico since March 30 2015.

This manhwa, written and illustrated directly by Kim Biva, highlights the journey of revenge of a wife who was left behind by her husband who was the victim of a brutal murder. She is Erika, the woman who became a suspect in the incident and was ultimately imprisoned.

On the day of her freedom, Erika couldn’t remain silent after everything that had happened to her. She is determined to find the mastermind behind her husband’s murder and the figure who framed him.

5. Doomed

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Toptoon/Doomed

On Toptoon, there is a manhwa titled Doomed Taebal’s work illustrated by Dollkong. This manhwa was first published on April 1 2015, then ended on July 10 2016 with a total of 72 chapters.

Doomed tells the story of a lonely woman named Su Ae. Because he was an orphan, he lived in an orphanage and suffered the unfortunate fate of being defiled by the director of the orphanage.

It didn’t stop there, when she tried to escape, Su Ae again became a victim of the depravity of her director friend who promised her freedom. When she finally started a romance, the man she loved did the same.

Su Ae can no longer endure the inner turmoil caused by the series of tragedies that continue to befall her and ultimately kills everyone who has hurt her.

6. Vigilante

6 Manhwa About The Best Serial Killers, Suspenseful!dock. Webtoon/ Vigilante

Lastly, there is Vigilante written by Kim Kyusam and illustrated by CRG.

This manhwa available on WEBTOON focuses on the figure of Kim Jiyong, a boy who is now a student at the Police Academy. Secretly, he carries out another responsibility to punish criminals who escape the law.

Jiyong’s actions were based on events in the past that claimed his mother’s life.

Those are some manhwa recommendations about serial killer the best that you must watch. Have other recommendations? Write in the comments column, OK!

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