6 One Piece Characters Who Need a Better Backstory

6 Karakter One Piece Yang Perlu Backstory Lebih Baik

One Piece is a masterpiece by manga artist Eiichiro Oda whose popularity has never been eroded by time. The story presented is very broad, as is the introduction of important characters who are always accompanied by their respective backgrounds.

Of course, conveying a character’s past is very necessary, especially if that character has a big influence on the storyline. That way, fans can understand how they developed and ultimately became the figures introduced today.

However, not all characters get the past stories they feel they deserve. Some of them are said to be entitled to a much greater background in life.

Here are a number of characters One Piece necessary backstory better.

1. Caesar Clown

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better BackstoryCaesar Clown in One Piece. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

Caesar Clown is a mad scientist who is an expert at creating weapons of mass destruction. As a result of the bad traces that Caesar left throughout his life, value bounty-Her breasts even touched 300 million Belly.

As the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard arc, a devil fruit user Gasu Gasu no Mi This was once Vegapunk’s colleague. Both of them carried out different projects, but in the end Caesar deviated from the rules imposed by Vegapunk.

Caesar illegally created poison gas in large quantities which was believed to be effective in wiping out one area at once. As a result, Vegapunk expelled him from the team, especially because Caesar used children as experimental objects.

Until finally Caesar used his dangerous weapon and succeeded in destroying 2 laboratories. He was arrested, but managed to escape. Then, the following year, he returned to Punk Hazard and carried out an even more inhumane plan.

As one of the villain The main character whose influence is so great, Caesar’s background doesn’t seem to be enough of a reason for the evil actions he commits today. The criminal motive is also less exposed. Is it possible that Caesar’s only goal is to prove his superiority over Vegapunk?

2. Roronoa Zoro

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better Backstorydock. Toei Animation/One Piece

Roronoa Zoro has emerged as one of the strongest characters in the series. He is a skilled swordsman, and is one of Monkey D. Luffy’s confidants as the Straw Hat Captain.

It is said that Zoro’s great ambition is the effect of his childhood story with a friend or rival named Shimotsuki Kuina. He is Zoro’s childhood friend who is the reason why Zoro developed his Santoryu technique.

It all started after Zoro regularly fought against Kuina in order to get recognition from the dojo owner who was Kuina’s father. Unfortunately, Kuina experienced a rather ridiculous death, namely as a result of falling down the stairs.

It must be admitted, the death of a significant figure can be a strong factor in why someone takes certain actions. However, in Zoro’s case, it feels like this reason is not comparable to the big things that Zoro will have to face in the future during the process of fulfilling his ambition.

3. Kaido

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better Backstorytoei animation/One Piece

Next, there is Kaido, a dangerous figure who has been the main antagonist throughout arc Wano Country. Lastly, price bounties Kaido managed to reach a spectacular number, namely 4,611,100,000 Belly.

With Kaido’s reputation being said to be very difficult to defeat on any battlefield, it is a shame that his past was not explored more specifically. The things that were revealed were limited to his youth, where he often allowed himself to be caught when he felt hungry. Then, when he gets food, Kaido will run away easily.

Kaido is known to be impossible to imprison, let alone execute. But in the end, Luffy was able to achieve form Gear 5-his efforts succeeded in forcing Kaido to his knees.

Even so, Kaido’s background needs to be explained better, so that fans can understand the motives for the crimes he has committed so far.

4. Yamato

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better BackstoryYamato in One Piece. (Doc. Toei Animation/One Piece)

First debuted on arc Wano Country, Yamato was introduced as Kaido’s son who spent his entire life as a prisoner of his own father. The main reason is because Yamato really idolizes Oden and even wants to be like him.

As a big admirer of Oden, Yamato holds the values ​​of a samurai very highly. However, the point that is the reason why Yamato admires Oden doesn’t feel explored in more detail, so it doesn’t feel strong enough to be called a reason.

5. Usopp

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better BackstoryUsopp in Water Seven. (funimation.com/One Piece)

Usopp is told with a quite touching past, but is still considered not worth it backstory another Straw Hat pirate crew.

In his childhood, Usopp, who comes from Syrup Village, had to lose his mother who fell ill because he couldn’t bear to let go of Usopp’s father, namely Yasopp, who went with Shanks’ pirate group.

Usopp deliberately lied to his mother by saying that Yasopp came home only so that his mother would be happy and his condition would improve. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep his mother alive.

After that, Usopp became accustomed to lying to just entertain himself. It’s a sad story from the past, but perhaps less special.

6. Senor Pink

6 One Piece Characters Who Need A Better Backstoryonepiece.fandom.com

Finally, there is Senor Pink, an antagonist who has a heartbreaking past. He is part of the Donquixote pirate group bounty-Her breasts are at 58 million Belly.

Senor Pink’s background is quite tragic, which is the beginning of why Senor Pink wears baby clothes.

In the past, he had a wife named Russian who hated pirates. Senor Pink ended up not being honest about his real job because of this.

One day, their son, Gimlet, was sick and died. Another time, Russian had an accident so he was unable to react to anything other than seeing Señor Pink wearing Gimlet’s clothes. Senor Pink continued to wear baby clothes even after Russian died.

Senor Pink’s story is indeed very tragic, but it is very unfortunate because this was not used as a reason for penance. Instead, he continued to deceive himself without trying to do anything that would have made his late wife and child happy.

Well, those are some of the characters One Piece necessary backstory better. What do you think?

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