7 Facts about Aoda in Naruto, the Snake Who is Loyal to Sasuke!

7 Fakta Aoda Di Naruto, Ular Yang Setia Dengan Sasuke!

In series Naruto And Borutoanimal Kuchiyose plays an important role as an object that can be summoned by ninjas, generally animals.

One of the snakes Kuchiyose which is typically used by Orochimaru and Sasuke, but Sasuke has a unique snake, namely Aoda.

Appeared in Naruto And Borutohere are Aoda’s interesting facts!

1. Aoda’s name is probably from the Japanese rat snake, but its appearance is more like a viper

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!

The name Aoda is likely a reference to a species of snake in Japan, namely the non-poisonous Japanese rat snake.

The Japanese language and name of the Japanese rat snake is Aodaisho which means General Blue.

Even though the name feels like a reference to a Japanese snake, the shape of the head is more like a viper.

2. The least aggressive Ryuchi snake

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!

There are not too many snakes from the Ryuchi cave that show personality, but almost all of them are aggressive, for example Manda, Garaga, Hakuja Sennin, they are aggressive and dangerous.

But Aoda is different, he is quite relaxed and does not show dangerous ambitions, especially towards humans.

In DatabooksAoda is said to be a snake with a simple personality.

3. Aoda swears allegiance to Sasuke and his family

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!

Aoda’s uniqueness is not yet complete, it has never been officially explained in the series why, but Aoda is loyal to Sasuke.

Perhaps the influence of fact point 2, where Aoda is not an aggressive and dangerously ambitious snake, makes him a simple and loyal person to the ninja who made a contract with him, Sasuke Uchiha.

Not only Sasuke, Aoda is also loyal to his family Sasuke, where in Boruto he was ready to hear the orders of Saraa, Sasuke’s daughter.

4. Aoda is not interested in eating humans

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!crunchyroll.com/Boruto Naruto Next Generations

Once again, the snakes from Ryuchi cave, especially those that are giant and have personalities, usually don’t like humans, even hate them and want to make them objects.

Some of them are also said to be able and willing to eat humans, as a form of resistance and dominance over the humans they hate.

But in anime Boruto, Aoda said that he was not interested in eating humans. It’s a good snake indeed.

5. Databook says that Aoda’s strength is like Manda!

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!crunchyroll.com/Naruto Shippuden

In Databooks fourth namely Jin no ShoAoda got some information, including the fact that da is not aggressive and has a simple personality,

Other facts from Databooks The fourth said that Aoda was very strong, although his appearance was deceptive because he was not aggressive.

In the same book he is even said to be as strong as Manda!

6. In the novel Naruto Shinden: Oyako no Hi, Aoda is said to be a great-grandfather

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!Pierrot/Naruto Shippuden

Maybe Aoda looks young for some reason, compared to Manda or Hakuja Sennin from Ryuchi.

However Aoda is actually quite old in snake age, even in the novel Naruto Shinden: Oyako no Hi or parent and child, Aoda is said to be a great-grandfather!

This means he already has lots of snake children and snake grandchildren.

7. Part of three new generation food chains with Gamakichi and Katsuyu

7 Facts About Aoda In Naruto, The Snake Who Is Loyal To Sasuke!

Previously three Sannin legendary, namely Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade are also known as the three food chains because Kuchiyose they.

Snakes eat frogs, frogs eat snails, snails are immune to snake venom and their mucus is dangerous for snakes, so there is a three-way food chain.

Aoda is part of the new generation version of this trio consisting of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, with Gamakichi replacing Gamabunta, Aoda replacing Manda, while Katsuyu remains in the new generation.

Those are the facts about Aoda Naruto And Borutowhat do you think?

Article first published on December 11, 2023, re-released on April 20, 2024.

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