7 Facts About Domain Expansion, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Barrier Technique

7 Facts About Domain Expansion, Jujutsu Kaisen's Barrier Technique

Domain Expansion in the world Jujutsu Kaisen is a part of the curse technique where a magician can create an imaginary space with various effects depending on the type of ability.

This technique itself was first shown when Sukuna rose to face a special curse at the beginning of the story.

What are the interesting facts? Check out the following discussion!

1. Dimensional confinement based curse technique

Strongest Domain Expansion 5Doc. Mappa Studio

As part of the barrier technique, Domain Expansion always covers all areas of the curse user’s battle.

Inner shape Domain Expansion also has a lot of diversity depending on the type of curse technique the user has.

For example, Jogo, whose fire elemental curse technique is able to create an area like a basement filled with lava, or Mahito, whose domain area is filled with human hands.

2. Has several types

Strongest Domain Expansion 1Doc. Mappa Studio

Domain Expansion also has several types depending on the level of perfection and how deadly the effect is. There are three types shown, namely deadly domain, non-lethal domain and imperfect domain.

The deadly domain is Domain Expansion with the effect that is sure to hit the target and also kill it quickly. This type often appears in modern era magicians such as Gojo with Unlimited Void his.

While the domain must be hit is an old type where the user must apply his own rules in the domain. Although not harmful, sometimes the opponent suffers more troublesome effects such as Yuji whose cursed technique was confiscated by Higuruma.

While imperfect domains are domains that do not have barriers like the two types of domains above. Usually this is caused by user skill factors. An example of a user is Megumi.

Although not perfect, this type of domain is very profitable because it will not be affected by technical issues. Esoteric Technique: Hollow Wicker Basket.

3. Has the effect of making curse techniques unstable

Mahito gets hit by Sukuna's attack while using DomainMahito gets hit by Sukuna’s attack while using Domain (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen)

There are several reasons why Domain Expansion always kept as the last trump card.

Apart from the effects and certainty of victory, this technique also has a price that must be paid by its users.

Domain Expansion has a very large consumption of cursed energy. This is seen in the case of Mahito who could not use his technique optimally after using it. Self-Embodiment of Perfection.

The side effects of the domain were also seen during the three-way duel between Yuta, Ishigori and Takako. Although the domain failed to be released, the consumption of cursed energy temporarily disrupted Takako’s spatial manipulation technique.

Two characters who have so far been able to bring out Domain Expansion many times is Gojo and Hakari. Gojo could theoretically do that because Six Eyes his, while Hakari could do that thanks to the cursed energy he got as a jackpot prize from the previous domain expansion.

4. So far it is impossible to escape from the Domain Expansion cage unless someone breaks in from outside.

Yuji managed to break through Mahito's domainYuji managed to break through Mahito’s domain (Doc. Mappa / Jujutsu Kaisen)

Because it is based on barrier techniques, anyone who is trapped inside Domain Expansion the enemy will not be able to get out in any way.

This is because all domain areas are filled with curse techniques that benefit from environmental factors. An example of this is Nanami, who is a first-class magician, who was rendered helpless when trapped in Mahito’s domain.

But because Domain Expansion made to hold the target inside, it makes the outside very weak.

Yuji himself was the first to reveal this weakness when he broke through Mahito’s domain with physical strength.

5. The influence of the domain can also be neutralized using the Esoteric Technique: Hollow Wicker Basket

captionScene from Jujutsu Kaisen 171. (Doc. Shueisha/Jujutsu Kaisen)

Apart from being able to be penetrated from the outside, the technique Domain Expansion can be overcome with techniques Esoteric Technique: Hollow Wicker Basket.

This technique allows the user to neutralize the effects of being hit by Domain Expansion belonging to his enemy. However, Hollow Wicker Basket unable to withstand the direct attack of his opponent’s cursed technique.

Therefore, Hollow Wicker Basket it would be useless if used against imperfect domains like Chimera Shadow Garden Megumi’s.

6. According to Gojo, the easiest way to overcome an enemy domain is to release a stronger domain.

Strongest Domain Expansion 6.jpgDoc. Mappa Studio

Apart from being broken through from outside or by techniques Hollow Wicker Basket, The easiest solution to overcome the expansion of an opponent’s domain is to issue your own.

According to Gojo, if two domains are released simultaneously, the superior domain will dominate the entire battle area like when Unlimited Void covers all the areas that were originally covered Coffin of the Iron Mountain.

Apart from the superiority factor, the compatibility factor and the amount of cursed energy are also important keys to creating a domain that is stronger than the enemy’s.

7. Domain Expansion will collapse if more than three wizards release their power simultaneously.

Yuta and his two enemies release domain expansion simultaneouslyYuta and his two enemies release domain expansion simultaneously (Doc. Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen)

As explained above, if there are two domains then one of them will dominate its enemy’s like the case of Gojo vs Jogo.

But what happens if more than two domains are released? That was answered in the case of the three-way fight between Yuta, Ishigori and Takako is a perfect example.

If three domains are released simultaneously, the result will be that all domains will collapse due to the differences in internal and external conditions of each domain.

Apart from these factors, interference from other parties also contributed to the collapse of the three domains used at the same time.

Those are the facts about the technique Domain Expansion from Jujutsu Kaisen. What do you think? Don’t forget to write in the comments column!

First published June 25, 2022, reissued July 10, 2024.

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