7 Known Family Members of Sung Jin-Woo Solo Leveling

7 Anggota Keluarga Sung Jin-Woo Solo Leveling Yang Diketahui

In the story Solo Leveling, Jin-Woo’s family is often in the main spotlight. One of them is Jin-Woo and his father who are known to have been involved with the Ruler during the war with Monarch.

Who are the main protagonist’s known family members so far? Here’s the list!

1. Sung Il-Hwan

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingSung Il-Hwan uses a dagger when fighting the Monarchs (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

This man is known to be a firefighter who happens to fall in love with Park Kyun-Hye. They then married and had two children.

However, fate said differently when the phenomenon of gates and dungeons began to appear on earth, where Sung Il-Hwan experienced an awakening as a hunter. He himself had time to carry out his new profession until he was trapped in the world of Rulers and Monarchs.

There, he was chosen by the Rulers to monitor the movements of the Shadow Monarch, who was none other than Jin-Woo himself.

2. Park Kyung-Hye

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingThe condition of Sung Jin-Woo’s mother was explained by the doctor (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

In contrast to her husband, Park Kyung-Hye is just a normal woman and housewife who is not involved in her awakening.

Instead, he suffered the effects of the dungeon phenomenon, namely Eternal Slumber, which made him sleep for a very long time.

Fortunately, Park Kyung-Hye’s life could still be saved thanks to Jin-Woo who succeeded in making the Holy Water of Life.

Park Kyung-Hye herself has a bit of a strange personality, namely that she is reluctant to move when she feels that her husband is still alive. Once Sung Il-Hwan died after the duel with the Monarchs, he felt he could move from his old residence.

3. Sung Jin-Woo

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingSung Jin-Woo in the game (Doc. Netmarble / Solo Leveling: Arise)

Just like his father, Jin-Woo is known to have risen to become a hunter, but he actually occupies the lowest ranking position.

Because of that, he was often seriously injured due to injuries even during missions in rank E dungeons. However, Jin-Woo continues to do this job in order to be able to support his mother and sister after his father died.

His own fate then changed one hundred and eighty degrees after he was chosen as the new Player or vessel for the Shadwo Monarch. Thanks to that, he continues to grow into the strongest hunter in the world.

4. Sung Jin-Ah

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingJin-Ah, Jin-Woo’s younger sister (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Of all the nuclear family members, Jin-Ah herself is the most normal.

She is a teenage girl who is known to spend time eating and sleeping at home. But on the other hand, Jin-Ah is so diligent in her duties as a student that her own academic performance is very good.

Her own teacher admitted that this made Jin-Ah able to enter medical school easily.

5. Sung Suho

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingSung Suho, his son Jin-Woo (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Suho is the only child born to Jin-Woo and Cha Hae-In. He himself only appeared in a special story Solo Leveling which tells about the chronology of the characters after Jin-Woo changed history.

Just like his father, Jin-Woo grew up to be stronger than most humans. He often uses his powers to beat up bullies at his school.

When he was a baby, Suho was known to really like Beru and always followed him wherever the ant went, even entering his father’s shadow world.

6. Yoo Jinho

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingYoo Jinho, a rich hunter who becomes Jinwoo’s friend (Doc. Crunchyroll Collection / Solo Leveling)

At first, Jinho was a close friend of Jin-Woo when both were active members of the Ahjin guild. Well, there is a reason why Jinho can be included in Jin-Woo’s family list.

He is known to have married Jin-Ah in the new era, making him the daughter-in-law of the family.

Jinho himself is known to have founded his own company which operates in the field of game development.

7. Cha Hae In

7 Known Family Members Of Sung Jin-Woo Solo LevelingCha Hae-In talking with Choi Jong-In (Crunchyroll Doc / Solo Leveling Trailer)

At first, Cha Hae-In and Jin-Woo’s relationship began a long time ago when the dungeon era emerged. However, it is known that the two of them had not yet reached the dating stage before the fight with Antares ended.

Well, their romantic relationship only started in the new era, where the two of them became close from school until they finally got married and had a child named Sung Suho.

After getting married, Cha Hae-In herself preferred to work as a housewife so she could raise Suho well.

That is the list of known members of Sung Jin-Woo’s family so far.

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