8 Facts about Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling’s Strongest Enemy

8 Fakta Antares, Musuh Terkuat Jin-Woo Solo Leveling

In the story Solo Leveling, It is known that Jin-Woo had to face a Monarch figure who was much stronger than most enemies he had ever faced, Antares. It takes more effort to get rid of this king of dragons.

What are some interesting facts about Antares?

1. The oldest and strongest monarch

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAshborn and the Monarchs (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

In the history of creation, Monarch is known to come from the dark side who was born thanks to Absolute Being.

Well, Antares himself is known to be the oldest and respected by other Monarchs.

His own strength is also the greatest considering that Jin-Woo needed a lot of effort to defeat him even though he was already a true Shadow Monarch.

2. Lord of the dragons

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares (solo-leveling.fandom)

Monarchs themselves are known to be the kings of each species of monster that inhabits the dungeon.

Antares is known to be a type of dragon. He can transform into human, dragon or hybrid humanoid form at will.

He was also revealed to have a large army, most of which consisted of dragons.

3. One of the monarchs who needs a special container

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares and Jin-Woo (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Because of the great power it has, Antares needs a special container like Ashborn.

Therefore, he cannot immediately appear in the human world because he has to wait until there is a suitable container to accommodate his power.

It is not yet known whether Antares really has outside help like an Architect or whether they are looking for a container independently.

4. His fire breath can permanently destroy the Shadow Monarch’s shadow

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares spits out Breath of Destruction (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

Antares can be said to be the natural enemy of the Shadow Monarch’s power because of this ability.

He is known to have the Breath of Destruction move, a breath of fire whose power can destroy everything, including even S class hunters.

Jin-Woo’s shadow army, which is actually immortal, will disappear without a trace if it is hit by the burst of fire.

5. Respect opponents who are considered equal

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares tries to negotiate with Jin-Woo (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

Even though he has a cruel and fighting nature, Antares has his own honorable side.

If he meets an enemy who can provide a satisfactory fight, Antares will negotiate with his opponent to gain mutual benefits.

He once did this to Jin-Woo, where Antares promised to withdraw his troops and spare human lives if the hunter would cooperate with him in fighting the Ruler.

6. In Jin-Woo’s dream scenario, Antares is known to have succeeded in controlling the young man’s body without any problems

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares takes control of Jin-Wooler’s body (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

This happens in one of the side stories Solo Leveling.

At that time, Antares found himself waking up in Jin-Woo’s body and living his life as a weak hunter.

What’s strange is that he is shown to be able to unleash his full power without any problems. In fact, as we know, it took Ashborn a long time to adapt Jin-Woo’s body to the Monarch’s power.

Luckily, that scenario only happened as Jin-Woo’s nightmare.

7. Defeated by Jin-Woo twice

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyAntares welcomes Jin-Woo in the second fight (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

As Jin-Woo’s strongest enemy, it took more effort to get rid of the danger from Antares.

In the first round, Jin-Woo had to use various strategies and help the Rulers to kill Antares.

After changing history where the Monarch invasion and Ruler’s arrival never happened, Jin-Woo returned to fight his old enemies, including Antares in another world.

Well, this time he was only able to kill Antares with his own hands.

8. Known to have permanently injured Jin-Woo’s left hand

8 Facts About Antares, Jin-Woo Solo Leveling'S Strongest EnemyJin-Woo and Antares clash for the second time (Doc. DNC Media / Solo Leveling)

The second fight between Jin-Woo and Antares apparently caused a permanent scar on the hunter’s hand.

The effects of Antares’ power were so severe that the wound could not be healed by any method, so Jin-Woo had to cover it with gloves every time he moved in a human environment.

That’s a list of interesting facts about Antares, Jin-Woo’s strongest enemy.

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