8 Facts about Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch’s Right Hand!

8 Fakta Igris Solo Leveling, Tangan Kanan Shadow Monarch!

In the latest episode, Igris finally debuts as an enemy that Sung Jin-Woo must defeat in the system’s job change test. Behind his appearance, this knight apparently has a number of interesting facts that you need to know.

What facts about Igris are known so far? Here’s the list!

1. Was one of Ashborn’s right-hand men in the past

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Ashborn awakens the power of the Shadow Monarch (DNC Media Doc. / Solo Leveling)

Igris’ position itself is known to be the dungeon boss who is used as a test place for Jin-Woo’s job change.

There is a reason why he was chosen for this position. Apparently, Igris had been asked by Ashborn to test the suitability of a potential new vessel when the time came.

Igris was indeed one of the Shadow Monarch’s most loyal confidants until Ashborn chose this one of his subordinates as Sung Jin-Woo’s examiner.

2. Have Ruler Hand ability

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Igris activates Ruler’s Hand (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Apart from extraordinary physical strength and swordsmanship, Igris has one skill that makes Jin-Woo difficult.

Well, this skill is Ruler’s Hand which allows him to move objects with telekinesis. With this ability, Igris can summon his sword even at long distances.

Sung Jin-Woo also managed to get this skill through the rune stone item he got after defeating Igris.

3. The weakness is in the gap in the helmet

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Igris was successfully killed at the hands of Jin-Woo (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

Igris could be said to be almost a monster without gaps. He has speed, defense and attack power that can be said to be very brutal. In other words, he was stronger than Sung Jin-Woo during the Job change mission session.

Sung Jin-Woo almost lost at the hands of this knight. Luckily, he managed to find an opening to kill Igris.

He deliberately targeted the gap in Igris’ helmet and repeatedly attacked him with the Kasaka dagger until the knight died due to the debuff effect of the weapon.

4. Rise as Jin-Woo’s shadow army

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!D&C Media/Solo Leveling

After successfully completing the exam, Jin-Woo is promoted to Shadow Monarch and thus has the ability to resurrect dead monsters as his army.

Igris was chosen as one of them. However, it was difficult for him to be resurrected because of his attachment to the throne he had guarded all this time.

Igris was only resurrected after Jin-Woo asked the knight to become his servant.

5. Can only talk after Jin-Woo becomes a true Shadow Monarch

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Igris (solo-leveling.fandom)

When he was resurrected, Igris’ rank was only Elite Knight so he couldn’t talk for a while.

However, after Jin-Woo became a true Shadow Monarch, Igris regained all his original powers and his rank rose to Marshal.

Once he reached his original level, Igris’ ability to speak finally returned as shown when he mocked the Frost Monarch who was considered too weak for the king level.

6. Jin-Woo’s only subordinate who thinks forward

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Jin-Woo and Igris (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

As we know, all of Jin-Woo’s shadow troops have absolute obedience to their master.

But something different seemed to appear for Igris. He is shown starting to open up to modern ideas after following his master for a long time.

One of them was shown during his debate with Bellion, where his colleague wanted Suho to undergo sword training while Igris wanted his master’s son to focus on education.

When Jin-Woo was still at school, Igris was known to often help him with his homework.

7. His power level can be said to be one of the strongest in Jin-Woo’s army

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Igris opens the entrance for his master (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

As Ashborn’s direct subordinate, Igris’ strength level could be said to be one of the top among the shadow troops.

When Jin-Woo first used the power of Shadow Monarch, Igris was the strongest until he was surpassed by Beru. However, once his master became a true Monarch, Igris’ power level returned to balance with the former ant king.

Only Bellion is known to be stronger than Igris at the moment.

8. Holder of the Demon King’s Long Sword

8 Facts About Igris Solo Leveling, Shadow Monarch'S Right Hand!Igris takes out the Demon King’s Long Sword (Doc. A-1 Pictures / Solo Leveling)

At first, Igris fought only relying on his old sword.

However, after Jin-Woo completed the demon king’s castle dungeon, Igris also got a new weapon, namely Baran’s Devil King’s Long Sword which could emit thunder in one swing.

Igris was chosen to have it because Jin-Woo was known to be more familiar with dagger style weapons.

That’s a list of interesting facts about Igris that are known.

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