9 Strongest School Teams in Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?

9 Tim Sekolah Terkuat Di Slam Dunk, Shohoku Urutan Berapa?

Serial Slam Dunks introducing the top nine school basketball teams from different prefectures. These teams have their own strengths and weaknesses, placing them in order ranking in the series.

The following is a ranking of the 9 strongest school teams in Slam Dunks. What’s your favorite team in the order? Let’s listen to the discussion, come on!

9. Shoyo

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Shoyo (doc. Toei Animation/ Slam Dunk)

Shoyo High School’s basketball team is the second top team in Kanagawa Prefecture. This team is strengthened by Kenji Fujima, captain and coach of the Shoyo team. Kenji Fujima even managed to become a star player not long after joining Shoyo.

This team utilizes the players’ tall bodies of 190 cm and above for defense and attack. However, this tall player was actually very slow. They will have great difficulty when facing fast players.

Moreover, Kenji Fujima cannot focus on just one position. The Shoyo High School basketball team needs a permanent coach to replace Kenji Fujima.

8. Ryonan

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Ryonan (doc. Toei Animation/ Slam Dunk)

Ryonan is a private high school located in Kanagawa Prefecture. This team is strengthened by Jun Uozumi as captain, Sendoh, and Fukuda. These three are said to be the strongest offensive trio in Kanagawa.

Plus, Ryonan has a coach who is an expert in analyzing opponents’ weaknesses, namely Moichi Taoka.

However, the strength of the Ryonan team only rests on this offensive trio. After Uozumi retired, the Ryonan team could only rely on Sendoh, because Fukuda was quite weak in terms of defense.

7. Toyotama

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Tsuyoshi Minami (doc. Toei Animation/Slam Dunk)

Toyotama is a high school located in Osaka Prefecture. Before they were finally displaced by Daiei High School, they were the number one team in the prefecture.

Toyotama was originally famous for tactics Run and Gun while under the direction of coach Kitano Jiei. This tactic prioritizes 80% attack and the rest is defense. However, when the team failed to meet the school’s expectations, Kitano Jiei was dismissed.

Since then, the Toyotama basketball team began to experience a decline in performance. Moreover, their new coach, Kanehira, is not getting enough respect from the players. As a result, Toyotama had to lose in the Prefecture Final against Daiei and Inter-High against Shohoku.

6. Aiwa Gakuen

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Aiwa Gakuin from Slam Dunk. (doc. Toei Animation/Slam Dunk)

Aiwa Gakuen is a school from Aichi Prefecture which managed to rank in the top four in the national championship. One of the best players in the series Slam Dunks also comes from this team, namely Dai Moroboshi.

Dai Moroboshi is the captain of the Aiwa Gakuen team. Unfortunately, apart from Moroboshi, Aiwa Gakuen can be said to have no other support. So, when Moroboshi cannot compete, this team will automatically lose, like when facing Meihou.

Unfortunately… Shohoku was quite unlucky, competing against Aiwa Gakuen after its core members were exhausted against Sannoh.

There is a narrative in chapter 276 that says Aiwa beat Shohoku in the next match.

5. Meihou Gakuen

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Hiroshi Morishige (doc. Toei Animation/Slam Dunk)

Meihou Gakuen is strengthened by the presence of Hiroshi Morishige, the star of Meihou. Starting from the aspects of physical ability, technique, to endurance, Hiroshi Morishige deserves a perfect score. In fact, it is said that Hiroshi is stronger than Sakuragi, you know!

It’s a shame, actually, that we never see Sakuragi fight Morishige.

4. Daiei Gakuen

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Atsushi Tsuchiya (doc. Toei Animation/Slam Dunk)

This is the school team that succeeded in overthrowing Toyotama High School in Osaka Prefecture.

Atsushi Tsuchiya is present as captain at the same time Ace Daiei basketball team.

Toyotama can lose to this school, confirming that Daiei’s strength is actually extraordinary.

In chapter 276, Kainan was named the number two team in Japan, meaning they lost in the finals.

There are allegations that Daiei was the one who beat Kainan in the national championship, but I have not found the source of that information. So for now, Daiei will be placed in 4th position.

3. Kainan

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Kainan (doc. Toei Animation/ Slam Dunk)

Ranked third strongest school team in Slam Dunks occupied by Kainan. This team is known as the “Kings of Kanagawa” because they successfully defended their championship title for 17 consecutive years at the prefecture level.

Unfortunately, Kainan had to admit Team Sannoh’s superiority in the National Championship.

Kainan was strengthened by the presence of Shinichi Maki, Soichiro Jin, Kiyota Nobunaga, Kazuma Takasago, and Tadashi Muto under the direction of coach Riki Takato. However, the Kainan team players can be said to have less height, so it is easy for opponents over 185 cm tall to guard them.

Kainan was mentioned as number two in Japan in chapter 276. There is no clear information about which team beat Kainan.

2. Sannoh

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Sannoh (doc. Toei Animation/Slam Dunk)

In second place, there is the Sannoh school basketball team who managed to defend their national championship title for 3 consecutive years. This school from Akita Prefecture is known as a team “All Stars”.

Sannoh is strengthened by the presence of Masashi Kawata who is center number 1 Japan and Eiji Sawakita who is the number 1 high school player in Japan.

It can be said that the Sannoh High School team has almost no room to beat. However, there is one situation that their opponents might be able to take advantage of, namely when this team starts to trust Sawakita to play well one on one.

The reason is one, because when Sawakita started the situation one on one In this case, other players will forget that there is an opposing defender who can take advantage of the position to block Sawakita.

1. Shohoku

9 Strongest School Teams In Slam Dunk, Shohoku In What Order?Toei Animation/Slam Dunk

Shohoku deservedly ranks first in the ranking of the strongest school teams in Slam Dunk, precisely after they managed to beat Sannoh in the tournament leading to the National Championship.

Apart from a weak bench, similar to Sannoh, Shohoku also has almost no other significant gaps. This is the result of the hard work of all the players after two years of being considered a team that did not stand out at all.

In the third year, Shohoku, which was previously only strengthened by the presence of Takenori Akagi, began to show its fangs. Shohoku now appears with strong players, starting from Ryota Miyagi Point Guard who is short but fast, Hisashi Mitsui the 3-point shooter and former middle school MVP, Kaede Rukawa the “Super Rookie”, Kaede Rukawa the “Super Rookie”, to Hanamichi Sakuragi who is completely new to basketball but has managed to show significant progress.

Shohoku can comeback After being left behind by a lot, Sannoh felt like the strongest team in Japan.

In the moment comeback We saw interesting moments like Sakuragi being able to lift again spirit his friends, as well as Rukawa are willing to pass the ball.

Unfortunately, Shohoku players were already exhausted after winning against Sannoh. In their next match they fought Aiwa Gakuin and lost.

That’s the ranking of the 9th strongest school teams in the world Slam Dunks. Do you have different versions of the ranking of the strongest teams? Try writing in the comments column, come on!

Author: Viky Nursyafira

Article first published on November 23, 2022, re-released on April 20, 2024.

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