A major One Piece villain broke all the rules of the series

A Major One Piece Villain Broke All The Rules Of The Series One Piece Buggy Wanted Poster Fe.webp

Look, who would have thought that Buggy, that clownish character from “One Piece“, ended up becoming one of the most talked about villains in the series. And look, he did this by breaking the whole scheme that we were already used to seeing in the anime.

Spoiler Alert: We are talking about chapter 1056 of One Piece

Then, Buggy, who until then was better known for his antics than for being a threatening guy, did a 180 degree turn. He created this Cross Guild, a top organization that started to put the Navy, yes, the same one that spent decades leaving pirates with their hair standing on end, in its crosshairs.

The twist is that now they are the ones who have to look over their shoulder. Buggy, the series’ eternal comedian, suddenly found himself on the same level as the Yonko, the four most feared pirates in the world, and this left everyone speechless, including Luffy, who never took Buggy seriously.

Buggy becomes Yonko and puts bounties on sailors’ heads

The hunters will be hunted

The guy was always more famous for making people laugh than for being a dangerous pirate. But Eiichiro Oda, the master behind “One Piece”, loves a surprise, and showed Buggy climbing positions in the world of pirates, often more by being in the right place at the right time than anything else. And now, the guy simply became one of the Yonko, leaving people who follow the series amazed.

In chapter 1056, we see how Buggy got there. He not only set up the Cross Guild, which has some big names like Crocodile and Mihawk, but he also had the trick of reversing the game, offering money for the heads of the Navy guys. That was a masterstroke because it was always the opposite, right? The pirates who lived on the run from the Navy. And now, they are the ones who will have to take care of themselves.

The genius plan

Buggy’s idea wasn’t just revolutionary, it was one of those ideas that make you think: “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” The Cross Guild putting a price on the Navy’s head was a slap with kid gloves on the system. This not only puts Buggy in a position of power, but also changes the entire balance of the “One Piece” world. Suddenly, being a Yonko isn’t just about being the strongest; It’s about having influence, money and an army to call his own. Buggy achieved all of this, and is now a thorn in the side of the World Government.

This move by Buggy not only stirred the waters, it will redefine a lot of things in the series. From the beginning, bounties were a way of measuring how dangerous a pirate was. Now, Buggy has turned this logic upside down, showing that, even after 25 years of “One Piece”, the series still has a lot of energy to surprise and evolve.

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