A moment from Dragon Ball Z proves that Goku is not a hero, but a DANGER

A Moment From Dragon Ball Z Proves That Goku Is Not A Hero, But A Danger Goku .Webp

You know that time when you’re watching Dragon Ball and you burst out laughing at a scene with Goku? So, there’s one of these that, if we stop to think about it, shows a somewhat sinister side of our hero. Akira Toriyama, the creator of the series, has always had this way of mixing heavy action with some funny jokes. And it is precisely in one of these that we see Goku in a different way: not so much as the hero who saves the universe, but more as a walking threat.

Goku: The Savior or the Threat?

A Warrior’s Dilemma

Let’s go: Goku is like the guy in the Dragon Ball stories. He has already gotten the Earth out of several troubles, teaching villains like Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu a lesson. The guy even has the gift of turning enemies into brothers, like Piccolo and Vegeta. On the outside, Goku seems like a simple, good guy, but deep down, what he really wants is to find increasingly stronger opponents to push his limits. And that’s where the danger lies.

Remember that funny part when Trunks, Vegeta and Bulma’s son from the future, arrives saying that some androids are going to cause chaos? He warns that these androids, created by Dr. Gero, will wake up and strike terror. Bulma even suggests eliminating Dr. Gero before he finishes the androids. But the warriors, led by Goku, are determined to face the androids. Bulma, in disbelief, calls them “battle-crazy maniacs”. And it’s not wrong, right?

Bulma’s Vision: A Warning

When the Hero Ignores Danger

Bulma, from an outsider’s perspective, was just trying to prevent a tragedy. But Goku, with that thirst for fighting, didn’t even care about the risks. He preferred to face the androids and, spoiler: it didn’t work out very well. Androids 17 and 18 ended up being a giant headache, and even gave rise to Cell, a villain who almost sent the Solar System into space. Goku, in this one, acted more like a warrior looking for challenges than like a hero concerned with saving lives.

The Comedy and Dark Side of Dragon Ball

Laughing with a Truth

Dragon Ball has a lot of these hilarious scenes that ease the tension. Bulma calling Saiyans fighting freaks is a classic example, and it gets a good laugh. But, think about it, there’s a bit of a bitter truth there. Goku, several times, puts his will to fight before everyone’s safety. Like, remember when he left Frieza alive? Dragon Ball, in this scene with Bulma, kind of makes us think: could it be that, from another angle, Goku’s simple nature isn’t so heroic?

Goku, the Relentless Hero?

Between the Sword and the Will to Fight

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It’s a crazy thing to think about, but it makes sense. Goku is the guy who is always on the front line, but he does it more for the thrill of the fight than for being the savior of the people. Sometimes he ends up putting everyone in danger because of this. It’s a different way of seeing the hero we’re used to rooting for.

Dragon Ball and the Multiple Faces of a Hero

Reflections of an Epic Saga

Ultimately, this mix of comedy with a grain of truth is what makes Dragon Ball so cool. We have fun, but we also think about things. And this scene with Bulma, besides making us laugh, makes us reflect on what really makes a hero. Is it just about saving the day, or does it have to be someone who thinks about the consequences of their actions? Dragon Ball, with all its action and humor, leaves this question hanging in the air.

Anyway, Goku may be a great warrior, but this story shows that even heroes have their complicated sides. So, what do you think: Goku, hero or threat? Dragon Ball leaves us with these doubts, and perhaps that’s what makes us enjoy this saga so much.

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