Alana Misako Oshi no Ko Full Reaction

Alana Misako Oshi No Ko Full Reaction Alana Misako Oshi No Ko Full Reaction

Alana Misako, a content creator with a passion for anime and movies, has been sharing her reactions to the anime series “Oshi No Ko” on her YouTube channel. In her recent video titled “the protectiveness | Oshi No Ko Episode 2 REACTION!”, Alana expresses her excitement for more episodes and provides insightful commentary as she watches the show. She also offers timer reactions on her Patreon page, where fans can get exclusive content and support her channel.

In a separate reaction video for “Oshi No Ko Episode 1”, Alana exclaims, “I was not expecting ANY OF THIS!” as she delves into the intriguing storyline of the anime. Her genuine reactions and engagement with the material make her content enjoyable for viewers who share her love for anime.

You can find Alana Misako on various platforms:

Support her channel through one-time donations on Ko-fi or explore her equipment/cosplay wishlist on Throne Gifts. Alana’s enthusiasm and genuine reactions make her a delightful presence in the anime community! 🎥🌟🔥

Episode Video Link
1 Episode 1 on Vidyard
2 Episode 2 on Vidyard
3 Episode 3 on Vidyard
4 Episode 4 on Vidyard
5 Episode 5 on Vidyard
6 Episode 6 on Vidyard
7 Episode 7 on Vidyard
8 Episode 8 on Vidyard
9 Episode 9 on Vidyard
10 Episode 10 on Vidyard
11 Episode 11 on Vidyard
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