An animated Twilight series is in production

An Animated Twilight Series Is In Production Twilight New Moon Visual

A Lionsgate confirmed that an animated series is in production twilight with its Vice President, Michael Burns, speaking about this new project during a question and answer session at the recent Morgan Stanley conference.

We are going to launch the Twilight series, an animated series, I think there will be a lot of interest in that.

It’s unclear at this time what animation style the Twilight series will have, although it’s worth noting that the book series spawned a series of manga-inspired graphic novels.

Last year we reported that twilight there was going to be a series, but at the time rumors pointed to a reboot in the form of a live-action series.

The first book of twilight was published in 2007 and later the 4 books were adapted into five live-action films starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson It is Taylor Lautner.

Such as Harry Potter also twilight It quickly gained a huge fan base and older fans certainly remembered lively online discussions involving “#TeamEdward” and “#TeamJacob”.

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