Animator says One Piece is “devastatingly” bad at one thing

Animator Says One Piece Is “Devastatingly” Bad At One Thing One Piece 1089 Screenshot

The animation of the anime series One Piece It has improved significantly over time, but there is something that for an animator is “devastatingly” bad about the anime series.

The confession comes from social media while the entertainer Sota Shigetsugu addressed the subject. Known as Hone Hone by many fans, the animator was a hit with fans of One Piece last year for his work on the saga Wano Country.

Shigetsugu commented:

The sound in One Piece is devastatingly bad, so I hope something is done about it ASAP… This episode was really sad because of the difference between the overwhelming animation and the terrible sound.

This complaint is not new in One Piece. Over the past decade, there has been an increase in complaints regarding the sound of anime. It has become more noticeable lately due to the increased quality of animation One Piece. There is a clear disparity between the animation quality of One Piece and its sound.

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