Anime fans are already tired of so much Isekai

Anime Fans Are Already Tired Of So Much Isekai Frieren Beyond Journeys End Destaca Kanne Pv Screenshot

A comment on Twitter went viral when an anime fan talked about anime Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Sousou no Frieren) and Meshi Dungeon (Delicious in Dungeon), and how these anime help you realize how much you hate Isekai.

Isekai is an increasingly popular genre of light novels, manga and anime that revolves around a person who is transported and has to survive in another world, such as a fantasy world or parallel universe. This plot device allows the audience to learn about the new world at the same pace as the protagonist. The constructions Isekai they also tend to fall into fantasy, science fiction genres, portal fantasy or accidental travel.

The provocative statement sparked intense debate among anime fans on the platform, with countless users expressing opinions for and against through millions of interactions. While many agreed with the criticism, pointing out that the anime industry is saturated with isekai productions, others defended the genre, arguing that the quality of a series should not be defined exclusively by its rating.

The gender isekai has boomed in recent years, with an avalanche of new series and adaptations each season. However, the overexploitation of the genre has led some critical voices to question the originality and quality of current isekai works.

It is important to highlight that this Twitter user’s opinion is completely subjective, and that there will always be a sector of fans who like the isekai genre, as well as any other type of content. Despite criticism, the isekai genre remains popular among a large part of the anime community and will continue to be explored and enjoyed by many viewers in the future:

  • The isekai isn’t bad. I usually like to read them if I want a power fantasy story. The problem is how saturated they are and most of them are nothing more than clones of each other, which makes reading them boring.
  • Isekai really got bad when everyone became, “I was a loser in the real world, but then I died and was reborn in this carbon-copy fantasy world with a bullshit ability, now I find myself stumbling aimlessly through this world while all the girls fall in love with me for no reason.”
  • You don’t actually hate isekai, just the part where you insert yourself into an uninteresting protagonist that girls love.
  • I understand the appeal of writers who want to write isekai. It’s an easy way to shove all the world-building bullshit you want onto the viewer/reader without it feeling too forced, since the protagonist doesn’t know it either. But he also makes it seem like everything revolves around him.
  • I have a feeling you’ve only seen generic isekais your entire life. “Re:ZERO is one of the best of all time”.
  • What you hate is poorly made isekai, which comprises over 90% of the genre nowadays. Done right, isekai can be amazing.
  • I consume a lot of isekai, but I think the main problem with the genre, besides the classic power fantasy, is that they rarely give it time to breathe. The story and the world are almost always secondary. Plus, Frieren reminds me of Spice & Wolf, and that’s always a plus.
  • Isn’t it too late to realize this? Isekai has been on the scene for over ten years.
  • The concept of being reincarnated from a modern perspective in a different world and making light of differences in worldview and cultures is interesting. But only in the beginning was it good, now everyone tries to imitate the concept with each new work.
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