Announcement trailer for Dr. STONE SCIENCE FUTURE, season 4 of Dr. STONE

Announcement Trailer For Dr. Stone Science Future, Season 4 Of Dr. Stone Dr. Stone Science Future Teaser Pv Screenshot

After the airing of the last episode of part 2 of Dr. STONE NEW WORLD this trailer was posted online Dr. STONE SCIENCE FUTUREthe 4th season of the anime series adaptation of the manga Dr. Stone in Riichiro Inagaki It is Boich.

In a statement, the director Shuuhei Matsushita stated:

THE SCIENTIFIC FUTURE IS DIFFERENT FROM SCIENCE FICTION! This is the story of Senku and his friends, who use the power of science to push the limits of fiction. The theme of the fourth season, the last of the anime adaptation, is “The Future of Science”. The stage is finally set in the world and the mystery of the petrification of all humanity is seriously addressed. The production team will do everything possible to make the series even more exciting than before, so keep supporting us. We want to portray a “future” of hope for Senku and his friends. Wait for new news.

The producer Shuusuke Katagiri stated:

The anime “Dr. STONE”, which started in 2019, will celebrate its fifth anniversary next year. Considering that I’ve been involved in the project since the manga’s release, I’ve spent even more years with “Dr.STONE”. We managed to advance one by one towards our tremendous goals and I gained many friends who are helping us complete the animation together. I was able to participate in the animation from the third season onwards. And I will continue to participate in this project. There is no greater joy than this. We still have a long way to go, but just like Senku and the others, we will do our best to deliver an even better series than before after the trial and error process.

The animation is from the studio TMS Entertainmentthe direction is Shinya Iino (Assistant Director on Made in Abyss), Series and Script composer is Yuichiro Kido (Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi) and the character design is by Yuuko Iwasa.

Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) and Inagaki (Eyeshield 21) began publishing Dr. Stone in Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2017.

Synopsis of Dr. Stone:

For 5 years, Taiju Ooki tried to confess to the love of his life, Yuzuriha, but he never succeeded. One day he decides to gather all his courage to tell her everything he feels… But EXACTLY at that time a CATASTROPHE of global proportions extinguishes all of humanity, turning it into stone. As the only survivors (until then), it’s up to Taiju and his brilliant friend, the scientist Senkuu, to make humanity leave the Stone Age, return to the Modern Era and save Yuzuriha.

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