Apex Legends & Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth starts January 9th

Apex Legends &Amp; Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Starts January 9Th Apex Ff7 Evento Data Arte

A Electronic Arts revealed that before the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for PlayStation 5 next month, two of the biggest names in video games will come together for the Apex Legends & FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Event in Apex Legends. On January 9th, players will be able to check out a new Limited Time Mode Takeover in Apex Legends, featuring the Buster Sword R2R5 and Materia hop-ups, along with a range of new cosmetic items inspired by FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, including new legendary skins. and epics, stickers, emojis and more.

For three weeks, FINAL FANTASY VII Takeover will replace the unranked battle royale mode in Apex Legends. In this new mode, players can wield the Buster Sword R2R5 to run, block bullets, unleash a powerful Limit Break, and more. New effects will join the game in the form of Materia Hop-Ups, which grant benefits such as area-of-effect (AOE) lightning and HP Absorption, as well as a SOLDIER Nessie to fight alongside players.

Furthermore, players will not only embrace gameplay inspired by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, they will also look the part! New skins arrive in Outlands, including a moogle-inspired skin for Wattson, along with iconic skins for Wraith, Crypto, and more. These skins can be purchased with Apex Coins and are part of 36 themed cosmetics Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for a limited time. Players can collect skins as they purchase event packs to obtain knockout group items, including the Mythic Buster Sword R5, the first mythical cosmetic that can be equipped by any Legend!

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