AutoSave Oshi no Ko Full Reaction

Autosave Oshi No Ko Full Reaction Autosave Oshi No Ko Full Reaction

AutoSave is a YouTube channel that produces reaction videos and discussions for various anime shows, including Oshi no Ko. Oshi no Ko is a manga series that follows the lives of idols and their fans in a dark and twisted story. AutoSave’s reactions are entertaining and insightful, as they share their thoughts and emotions on the plot twists, characters, and themes of the series. They also have a Patreon account where they offer full-length reactions and early access to their videos. If you are a fan of Oshi no Ko or anime in general, you might enjoy watching AutoSave’s content. 😊

Episode Link
Episode 1 Vidyard
Episode 2 Vidyard
Episode 3 Vidyard
Episode 4 Vidyard
Episode 5 Vidyard
Episode 6 Vidyard
Episode 7 Vidyard
Episode 8 Vidyard
Episode 9 Vidyard
Episode 10 Vidyard
Episode 11 Vidyard
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