“AV for Lolicons” causes Controversy on Social Media

&Quot;Av For Lolicons&Quot; Causes Controversy On Social Media Av For Lolicons Causes Controversy On Social Media

An AV film from SOD is making waves on social media because of its content, firstly explaining what SOD is, which is the abbreviation for Soft on Demand, is one of the most famous Japanese AV producers.

And they have already released some controversial adult films and a film that was released in late 2023 is generating buzz on social media. The film of the moment is the one on the cover below:

Av For Lolicons

As you can see, the cover of the SOD adult film shows what a family is, the mother, father and daughter in front of the school. The film is about a father who is brainwashing his daughter about “adult education”, all of this hidden from the mother, so in addition to the film showing a young girl, it is also about incest.

The short actress is obviously of legal age and her name is Miyoshi Yuzuka, she is only 1.36 tall and she debuted as an adult actress in November 2023 and already in her second film she finds herself in controversy.

“AV for Lolicons” causes Controversy on Social Media

A post on Twitter that has already reached more than 16 million views says the following: “SOD has released a controversial new AV, an AV with child sexual exploitation content featuring a 1.36 tall adult actress who engages in lewd acts as a 20th grader after being “brainwashed into adult education by her father.” Is everything possible in fiction?”

Av For Lolicons

In another tweet, user Nyan3s noticed that part of the film above was filmed not just in front of but inside Sanshi-no-mori park, which has many children and schools nearby.

Av For Lolicons Av For Lolicons

Let’s see what some people said about the film?

“There are many adults who cannot even think about children who suffer sexual violence from their parents, so things like this happen, I’m sure. The sale of such films should be banned and everyone involved in the production should be arrested for aiding violence against children.”

“It’s true that it’s worth questioning the ethics of it, but for someone like her, who entered this industry voluntarily because there was no demand elsewhere, being told that everything is up to no good could mean missing out on job opportunities.”

“There is a video of a foreigner crying in shock after seeing the manufacturing of child love dolls in a Japanese factory, and yet, Japan allows the sale of such inhumane things, so their sense of morality is really abnormal.”

“It’s fiction, so there’s absolutely no problem. Furthermore, why would anyone intentionally upload images of something that should be zoned, such as being asked if you are under 18 at the time of purchase, on social media? Aren’t the ethics of people who deny eroticism completely out of whack?”

“Proof that men do not have a self-purification process.
I’ve never seen a men’s movement opposing this.”

“Right now, victims are being forced to report and accuse their parents of sexual abuse, but behind the scenes this kind of shitty content is trending… It’s sickening no matter how you look at it. What is considered appropriate here? It’s abnormal.”

“I wonder who is buying this kind of film”

“So they’re telling short women not to have sex?”

“For those who say, “The artists are adults, so it’s okay 😡”, why make a film with a small woman who is simply 136 cm tall? Don’t act like you don’t intend to imitate children.”

“Can’t they crack down on things that incite such crimes? Seriously, it’s scary that there’s actually a demand for this. It’s over…men who watch this and get excited without realizing how sick it is.”

What is your opinion about the film?

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