Bartender – Anime Reveals Kelvin and Grasshopper Cocktail

Bartender - Anime Reveals Kelvin And Grasshopper Cocktail 1706965529 Bartender Anime Reveals Kelvin And Grasshopper Cocktail.webp

We have the sixth promotional image that features Kelvin Chen and his Grasshopper cocktail for the anime Bartender Glass of Godbased on the manga “Bartender” by Araki Joh It is Kenji Nagatomo.

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Bartender Glass Of God© 城アラキ・長友健篩/集英社・Bar hoppers

The direction is Ryōichi Kuraya (Tsugumomo) in the animation studio Free (The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague), story is by Mariko Kunisawacharacter animation design and direction by Yōichi Ueda (Gangsta). Therefore, the anime is scheduled to premiere in April 2024 in Japan and on Crunchyroll’s streaming service..


In the manga’s story, thereforewe follow the nightlife of Ryū Sasakura, a prodigy bartender who states make the best cocktails in the world. However Sasakura spends his time in a bar called “Eden Hall”, hidden in a corner of the Ginza neighborhood in central Tokyo.

Finally, Bartender Glass of God had an 11-episode anime based on the manga that premiered in Japan in October 2006. Masaki Watanabe directed the series on Palm Studio. Furthermore, the manga also had a live-action series in 2011.

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