Blue Archive: New anime trailer revealed

Blue Archive: Revelado Novo Trailer Do Anime

A new trailer has been revealed for the anime “Blue Archive” from the Yostar in partnership with the Nexon Games. Therefore, the anime is scheduled to premiere on TV Tokyo, BS11 and other channels from April 2024.

Check out the new trailer for Blue Archive:

Therefore, the direction is by Shunji Maki, composed by Hiroshi Ohnogi and Daigo Yamagishi. Character Design/Chief Animation Director Hiromitsu Hagiwara.

Dubbing cast:

  • Shiroko Sandwolf: Yui
  • KotoriyuHanamori
  • Celica Kuromi: Ayaka Ohashi
  • Nonomi Izayoi: Chiyuki Miura
  • Ayane Okusora: Ayakae Harada
  • Arona: Yoshimi Ohara Al


Amidst the dynamic city of Kivotos, prestigious local academies operate as autonomous entities, each establishing its own domain in different districts. However, the stability of this system is threatened by the unexpected leadership gap caused by the mysterious disappearance of the president of the General Student Council.

Since then, the absence of a central government figure has resulted in a series of challenges and conflicts that have shaken the city’s academic structures. The previously cohesive districts began to experience tension and disorder, requiring immediate intervention. However, Schale, the city’s most recent and promising club, was officially approved shortly before the president’s disappearance. Now the responsibility falls on their shoulders as they delve into the intrigues and mysteries surrounding academic leadership and attempt to restore order to Kivotos.

Therefore, the Yostar Pictures has already animated the game’s 1.5th anniversary short anime, which premiered on July 15, 2022. The studio also animated a short titled “Beautiful Day Dreamer” in December. Finally, the Blue Archive game was developed by NAT Games and published by Yostar on February 4, 2021.

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